Looking for speakers that are less placement-sensitive.

Hello all,

   I'm looking for a pair of inexpensive (say, $2000 or less) for my living room, probably sitting on each side of a large TV screen.  For this application, I'm looking for speakers that are less placement-sensitive, e.g. can be placed near the back wall, and even somewhat close to a corner, and are not too large. 

I was intrigued by the Totem Tribe Towers, which were designed just for this purpose apparently, and I love Totems, but $6k is really well outside my budget.

Does anyone have other recommendations for this? 


Wow - KLH's - a blast from my past.  KLH 6's were the speakers that ignited my interest in audio - and 'acoustic suspension' speakers.  I still have pairs of Celestion Sl600s, SL6si's and SL12s. One of those might work, but I'd prefer to get a small floor standing speaker - which is why the Totem Tribes appealed.

Thanks for the suggestions so far!