Looking for processor recomendations

I have been out the country the past six years and didn't keep up with audio/visual, I will be rebuilding my system upon my return at year end -- I sold most of my gear, (runco dlp420, Chord integrated amp) I still have my rel b3 sub, maggie 1.6's with cc3 and a Cary Cinema 7 amp from 2004/05. With all the new formats out I am looking for a new/used processor for home theatre with excellent 2 channel capability. Any recommendations? budget around 2k...
See if you can find a used Cary 11a. It sounds fantastic and will work great with your Cary amp. Should be around your price range.

Please note that I am a Cary dealer, however I have no used 11a's for sale.

Gold luck!

Goldprint Audio
I replaced a Proceed PAV/PDSD in my main system with a Cary 11a to get HDMI and the lossless codecs, while maintaining excellent audio quality. The 11a is a bit buggy, but the sound is indeed excellent, and the bugs are those I can easily live with. The Proceed units are in another system, and I plan to keep those as well.

I would be happy to have a Cary 11a, used. I believe they can be upgraded to hdmi 1.4? In doing some basic research another model that pops up is the Marantz 7005...I see it is loaded with features, how is the sound quality?

Any other recomendations?
Stretch your budget a bit and get a used Anthem D2. Can be had for around $2200. Does music and movies very well.
Thanks for the responses...
Mcroth, can the D2 be upgraded to support hdmi 1.4 and 3D picture? I guess can it be made into a D2v? If so, any idea of the upgrade price?
The Anthem D2 does not support 1.4 or 3D. If you have a D2 and want to upgrade you send the unit back to Anthem and they send you a new D2v for around $3500. These processors are full featured and have a ton of set up options. Do not hesitate to call Anthem as the customer service is second to none. Good luck!
Do consider that if you just buy the Marantz new, you're done and up to date (for what THAT'S worth). Life is short. I've regularly seen 30+ % discounts online for the more desireable Marantz pieces, which might just end up looking pretty good $-wise vs. used, particularly if you really think through a projected resale scenario for down the road. Consistently reported to sound "warm", "musical", and simply pleasing for long term comfort, the better Marantz models do seem to have a place in a home which also contains gear with more inflated ambitions. Maybe that's all you really need for this application.
I have a chance to get a new Cary 11a for around 2k...below cost. I think this may be too good to pass up (or too good too be true)...

As much as would rather save some $$ and go with fully loaded Marantz, this one is hard to pass up.
Hey, you could be right on that one. Go for it if those ever-changing video related specs are up-to-date enough for you (and you've given careful consideration to who you may be trying to sell it to down the line, given the manufacturer-forced upgraditis that shapes this part of the market: my Denon 2930ci wuz ~$1500... sold to me, barely used, in mint condition for $225 delivered. Kinda scary, really).
That is a great buy on the Cary 11a. I had it narrowed down to the Cary 11a or the Anthem D2. I think you will be happy with either one. Try the Cary before you buy if possible, it's supposed to be buggy. But at that price you may be able to live with it.
I secured a new Cary 11a one for 2k USD...silver faceplate to match my older cinema 7 amp. At this price, I can live with paying the extra 500 bucks over the feature laden Marantz. Also, found out from Cary that for 595, the software and hardware can be upgraded to support 3D and hdmi 1.4...which in this market will make it future proof for about 2 weeks...
Some posters have claimed the Cary upgrade has cured a few bugs as well. When I was doing my internet research before buying a month old 11a, I got the distinct impression that the sound quality of the Anthem D2 wasn't quite up to that of the 11a, and that I would need to step up to a Classe 800 at about $8K. The biggest complaint with the 11a was that the automated room correction S/W on the chip Cary uses isn't accurate, and indeed the Cary manual recommends using a tape measure and SPL meter.

Thanks for the response DB.

I also have the feeling that at the price point we got the units for, the sound is hard to beat. I don't think the Marantz is near it's equal, though I may be wrong.

I will only use it for 2 channel, home theatre and digital cable. No gaming. I think it should have enough capability for my needs.
With the Cary, i know the video just passes through. I will use this feature with my projector, but for a dvr, digital cable, apple tv, would I be better off buying a video processor to process the video signal and hooking the video processor through the Cary to improve the picture quality?
I pass video and audio from my DirecTV HD-DVR through a DVDO Edge that sends 1080p to the projector and Dolby Digital to the Cary 11a. For convenience, I also pass video from my Oppo BDP-93 through the Edge, although the Oppo has video processing at least equal to that of the Edge. I distinctly prefer to bypass the Edge for DSD and lossless codecs from the Oppo.

Gettin' complicated... Just sayin'. Of course, who am I to talk? -- I've got one DAC for Redbook and Internet radio, another for hi rez PCM (to be modded), and a player for SACD/Blu-Ray (music)! Surely there's some other little box I need for something. I sympathize completely with that quest for just a little more magic. But I'm glad I cooled on the idea of some kind of 5-ch. home theater, just speaking for myself: I can't believe it helps 'Casablanca' all that much...