Best Preamp processor

I need a new pre-amp processor and want to know what would best fit my system. I want to listen to music and home theater.

I have a BAT multichannel amp, Wilson speakers, Audio Control Diva (I have a terrible room) and Runco projector. I have the Lumagen Radience XE+ video processor but have had problems with it working properly with the projector.

Thanks for your thoughts.
I can recommend Meridian. I use the G68 for both music and movies, and I've been very happy with it. The 861 would be even better.

In my system, I use both the G68's digital crossover and its room correction, neither of which degrades the sound quality of music. That is a rare quality in a processor, IME.
Anthem D2v

I have owned just about every high end pre/pro currently made and can say clearly and unequivocally the best sounding pre/pro is the Krell Evo 707. Both for multichannel as well as two channel, this thing is an absolute beast, its huge and has all the connections you could ever need and the video board is a simple swap out for HDMI 1.4 when/if you ever want to go to 3D. If I didn't get divorced I would never have sold mine. I still have a huge space reserved in my rack for the day I buy another one, it is that good!

I have owned the Meridian 861v4 (my 861v6 is coming the end of September so I can't yet comment on this one) and the Anthem, D2, D2/ARC, and D2v, Classe' SSP800, Arcam AV888.

PM me if you want to discuss them ion more detail.