What power cord do you use for your processor?

Seems reducing noise going into a processor would make sense and a better power cable than the stock cable may be a value toward achieving this.


Anyone find using a better power cable makes a higher end processor sound better?



This is a great cable for light work. I bought over 30 of these what a wonderful unshielded cable. Allow a week on a SS power amp or inline with a 120vac blower motor. You will love your 29-79.00 purchase. Shielding is up to you. I don’t use it until I need to. I have used close to zero shielding for over 15 years. Weaves just work better..

They use to use a twist or weaves in the 20-30s what happened? LOL



I see the price went up. My little secret is out.. Looks like a 17% increase. No kidding they are worth 5 times that is SQ compared to just 10 years ago.

I use red copper and silver clad copper too with that cable. :-) Close to the same vendor. I'm not giving that one up though..


Transparent Premium power cord. Tried, a bunch of Cardas, Wireworld, DH Labs, JPS. 

Used Audioquest NRG-4 power cord.  Chop the ends and put on Furutech FI-15 Rhodium connectors.

Did the use of a better power cable help the sound coming out of the processor?

seems this would be a good place to put a power cord due to the noise generated from within the processor

Yes, absolutely helped the sound quality.  This is true for upgrading power cord on any audio equipment. 

As far as "noise generated within the processor", that depends highly on processor architecture and things like cheap capacitors or switching power supplies.

But in general, you are more likely to get "noise" from bad sources such as cable/satellite receivers and roku/apple streaming devices that use wall-wart type switching power supplies.

I use an PS Audio AC10 on my Marantz 8805 and yes it makes a significant difference.

I have everything plugged into a Shunyata Hydra using their Venom series AC cords. The Cord between the Hydra and the wall is a Shunyata (insert much fancier snake name here, I can't remember). Sounds appreciably better than stock but I don't spend my time doing A/B shootouts.