Looking for info on a Llano Trinity 200 amp

Hello to all members! I've had a Llano Trinity 200 for some time now, but I'm still a bit confused about some of the hookups on the back. What I'm primarily interested in are the four sets of binding posts, two of which are marked "Positive Mode" and the other two naturally are marked "Negative Mode". I wrote the designer, Randy White, months ago requesting an owners manual, but never did get a response. So, if any of you fine people out there could give me a hand, I'd be most grateful. Thanks, Mike

I once owned a Trinity amp, to the best of my memory, these were just a double set of posts for running seperate speaker cables, in a bi-wire fashion, instead of having them both on the same set of posts.

Hope that helps?
Hi Mike- I've got a Trinity 300, and Denf is correct. There are two right speaker outs and two left. If you are running conventional single wire or biwire cables, you just use one set on each side. For using a double run of cable on each side (true bi-wire) connect on set of posts to the woofers and one set to the mid/tweets one each side.