Cones for Llano Trinity Amp

I have been thinking about putting cones under my 80 lb Llano amp. I was going to use BDR #3s. My problem is that the chrome feet on the amp are taller than the BDR cones. Any thoughts on how to address this issue? The amp now sits on a conventional MDF shelf in a Salamander dual Archetype rack.
Try using the BDR Pucks with the cones. I would advise doing this anyway cince they greatly improve upon the performance of the cone alone. Again they come in #3 and #4 flavors.
Also, should be able to remove the kind goofy chrome "ball" feet altogther, and use isolation, cone, etc. of your choice.

I did from my Trinity 300 (as well as stock "feet" from ALL my gear), so was able to experiment with different types of feet.
Denf- How do those goofy feet come off, anyways?
Just a screw through a nut on the INSIDE of the chassis (that's the slightly difficult part - sometimes getting at the nuts to loosen).
Thanks for the info Denf, but not sure I want to take a chance on loosening that screw and then not being able to get at the nut to get it out of the chassis. Turning that bad boy over and shaking it is not high on my list of fun things to do! And then how would you replace them? Maybe I'll have to go with the puck/cone idea, but it seems to be a lot of extra $.