What is the "D" on a Llano A-200D

I've got a Llano A-200 but on the back it has a piece of tape that has someone's name and another piece of tape that has A-200D on it. I've got a couple other Llano amps that were upgraded, and I know Randy White did that (tape) on upgrades, but not sure if he did it if he were just building an amp for someone. I certainly know there was the "A" series, the "B" series, the "S" series and then the Trinities, etc. Does anyone know what the "D" would stand for on A-200D ? Thanks
Not sure Scot. I have a Llano amp which I think is great, btw. On the front it says Llano Design 200S, which I believe just indicates 'stereo', but also denotes the vintage of the series, as you mention. The name on the back is Kaita, but no reference to any other letters. May be something to refer to the type of transformer or output devices used at the time Randy was building that unit. Heard anything about Llano lately, or who would do a good job for a unit check up/tune up/repair? A couple of the posts on the back of my amp feel like they are loose on the inside of the amp.
I have a Llano 100. Randy named each amp, that is the name on the back. I had problems with my amp (speaker wires crossed and think started smoking!), and it sat in my garage for a year. I finally found someone who works on all types of amps and he did a great job fixing it. He lives in Boulder CO if you want the info, let me know. He was very impressed with the unit. He normally upgrades amps that he repairs but said this one was perfect.