Looking for alternative to Sonus Fabers

I own a pair of Sonus Faber Concertinos. These are nice little speakers with a beautiful voice, but once in awhile I crave something that sounds a little different. I wish I could be more specific than that, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for. Basically, I'm looking for suggestions on a second set of speakers I could have on hand for my changing moods.

I want to limit the search to monitors or small floor standers in the $500-$1500 USED price range. I'm considering ProAc Response One SCs, Totem Model Ones, Vienna Acoustic Haydns and Bachs. IF anyone has heard these or had the chance to compare them to the SFs, I'd be interested to hear your opinions. Any other suggestions for other models are welcome too.

My system currently consists of a Sim Audio Moon I-5 integrated, Musical Fidelity E60 CD player and NHT SW3P subwoofer. I also have a Bel Canto DAC 1.1 on the way. I mostly listen to female vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, and to a lesser degree classical compositions, Rock and R&B.

Thanks for your help.
I would highly recommend the Meadowlark Kestrel hot rods. Read up on them, there are a few used pairs. They match up beautifully with your dac.
Thanks Chelillingworth, I forgot to mention the Kestrels. I've heard great things about them, and I have a local Meadowlark dealer. My only reservation is that they're a little funky looking. But I'll try and suppress that feeling until I hear them.
How about Sonus Faber Grand Pianos??? I still own Grand Pianos (but now listen to another brand another model much more expensive) and do not sell them because I like them too much.

To my ears, the Grand Pianos sound more clear and are more pleasing to me than the Concertino. They are also not as lush as the Amati (though they do not pretend to go down to 20hz) and I like that about them. I auditioned the Meadowlark Kestrel and, per my ears, I prefer the Grand Pianos. I have not auditioned the Grand Piano HOME so cannot express an opinion as to those. I have seen the Grand Pianos on Audiogon for around $1500 to 2000.
Avkmusic, do the GPs require much more power to drive them than the Concertinos? Also, in what areas did you prefer the Grand Pianos to the Kestrels? Thanks for the post!
I used to own SF Concertos which had a great sound. I've since bought Vienna Acoustics Beethovens and Haydns. I use the Haydns as rear surrounds and they are a terrific speaker. I don't see them on the used market much, but if you have the opportunity, certainly give them a listen. They are worth every penny. Good Luck.
I like all mentioned and would add Audio Physic Spark or Step, Spendor ls3/5a or 2/3's and JM Reynaud twin.
Might I recommend the B&W 805's. They're excellent in the mid's and high's and could be just what your looking for. They do lack a little in lower freq's (56htz) but should pair up nicely with your NHT subwoofer. I have a pair of these and listen to similar music styles as you. Patrica Barber, Fionna Apple, James Taylor, and several Jazz, R&B, and Blues albums. I highly recommend them for a speaker in the price range you are looking in. Give them a listen, and good luck.
I am not sure of the power requirements of the Concertino relative to the Grand Piano. For the Grand Piano I first used a Densen Beat B-100 (I think 100 watts) and that was not enough power. I switched to an ARC VT-100 MkII and never thought I lacked power, though I probably could have used more. However, the VT100MkII and the Grand Piano sounded pretty good together. I did not use any other amps with the Grand Piano. The Grand Piano sounded more true in the upper mass and lower midrange.

One caveat is that I did not do a side by side comparison with these speakers in the same room with same electronics but in different rooms and with different electronics.

One other caveat on the Grand Piano is I have only used them with the stone isolation bases. I never used them without the bases but would not be surprised if the bases materially improve the sound.

Hope this helps.
In my post I meant to say the Grand Piano sounded more true than the Meadowlark Kestrel in the upper bass and lower midrange. The caveat I expressed was regarding my comparison of the Grand Piano to the Kestrel.

Sorry for the disjointed posts.
Thanks so much Avkmusic. My amp is only rated at 70 watss per channel. Also, I don't really have the room for the Grand Pianos but would like to get them if I did. The stone bases are nice, too bad they've been discontinued.

So you thought the Grand Pianos overall sounded more accurate/true than the Kestrels? Very interesting. I may go with another monitor as an alternative. I appreciate your thoughts.
having used the concertos, concertino and electa amator for a number of years, well, its time to move on.

today using the spendor s3/5 with very good results!

Used also totem model 1, vienna haynds and my vote still goes to the spendors.

your i-5 i bet will sound good with these speakers.

make sure you put them at least 5 feet away frm rear wall for them to sound open and uncongested.
Soliloquy actually voiced their speakers using Sim Audio equipment so this might be a good fit with your current system. Either the 5.0 monitors or 5.3 floorstanders(not very big but need space to breathe) would fit your budget, and they sell some B-stock stuff that would put many manufacturer's A-stock to shame if you're looking for a bargain.

Others I would strongly recommend would be Triangle Titus or Zephyr(may be hard to find), Audio Physic Spark III, or Silverline Panatella?, a small $1500 floorstander that I think just came out.

You've already listed some of the others I would have mentioned, but since speakers are so personal I'd highly recommend at least giving these a listen before making a final decision. Best of luck.

Have you hear the newer Sonus Faber's with the new tweeters and drivers? They sound different than the old ones.
Dctifosi. No, I haven't had the chance to hear the new Sonus Fabers Home speakers. How are they different? I'm very interested.
The vienna's are definitely a warmer sound than the Conertino's, and they have fuller base. They aren't quite as open on the high's though. Be sure to listen to the new Concertino's with their new tweeters & higher efficiency. They're a different animal, better in every respect