Looking for a summer time amp

I own and enjoy my BAT VK60.
Except in the summer time.
I am looking for a SS amp that won't throw off that volume of heat.
Presently running a pair of Cremona Auditors.
Suggestions please.
Something so I won't miss the BAT to much.
Lets say a 2K budget.
Something with ICE power? I used to use a Bel Canto S300i and it ran so cool you could hardly tell it was on. I imagine this is the same for most class D amps.
Channel Islands D-200's would be a nice substitute.

I have your same issues with Vac 220 monoblocks.
Auditors are great speakers and do very well with Linn amplification. If you can find a Chakra 2200 used for 2k, pounce on it. For that matter, the Auditors will sound very nice with an LK 140 for only $750 used, though in that case you will have to deal with getting BFA adapters (mine cost me around $40).

If you like tube amps, you probably should avoid the Linn 2250 or 5125, as these are much leaner than the other two amps I mention, which are quite warm.
frigidaire a/c unit(-:!
This is the best one I've heard for under $2K


ITs 30 wpc into 8ohm, but doesn't mind 4ohm. At 4ohm I think it is closer to 50wpc.

I own the Signature 30 and have no desire to try anything else. Vinnie at RWA gives a 30 day trial, so you can't go wrong.
Thanks guys.
How about 2K preowned ?.
I have owned a McCormack DNA 1.
Thought I spend my pesos on something else for a change of pace.
Belles 150a reference:The coolest runnng amp I ever owned.
Check out Red Wine Audio. I have several SET amps and in the summer I have to deal with the A/C issue too. I bought their Sig 30 and am very happy with it. An added bonus is that it's battery powered. Over 20 hrs on a charge and it gets you off the grid. New, under 2k. Review at 6moons.
Class-D is the way to go, IMHO. If I was going to invest in a mid-powered SS amp right now, I would go with one of the Red Wine Audio Signature amps, ether the sig30 or sig70. Plus the 30 day trial period makes it a no lose situation...


Just have the red wine a little much for summer but if you drink a bottle or more the heat won't trouble you.
(disclaimer N.B. The above is humor not advice)
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i concur with Red Wine Audio Sig 30.Running one right now.Have Wright 3.5's as well and they are idle at the moment but will put them back in eventually to hear the difference.VERY much enjoying the RWA Sig 30 the past 4 months!! I have no air conditioning and live in PA so those SET amps were a tad much in the heat of the summer for sure.The Sig 30 is very close to the Wright's in holography and imaging and warmth(with a decent tube preamp in front of it) after sufficient burn in.Love the Wrights however and doubt i will part with them anytime soon.Nor the RWA Sig 30