Looking for a Great Sounding Outdoor Speaker

Believe it or not, my wife has told me that I need to buy new speakers!! A first!

The old rusted ones (KLH) don't go with the new vinyl siding, so I have been assigned to get new, nicer-looking ones (yeah!!).

So, I'm looking for recommendations for a new pair of speakers for the patio. I'm thinking I can spend up to $500 or so (maybe more if I push it). They need to be of reasonable size as they will be attached to the sides of the enclosed porch which borders the patio, about 6 feet up on the wall. I have an outdoor subwoofer out there already, so the speakers do not need to get all the way down to 20Hz, but the lower they can go the better.

White is the preferred color.

Any help is appreciated!
Ait,I'm also looking for outdoor speakers and I some interesting ones on the DefTech website.More than my budget allows but they fall right in yours.I have not heard these but I have heard their home speakers,they sounded really good to me.Good Luck.

Barak Obama is a great sounding outdoor speaker. But you will need two of them because words come out of both sides of his mouth.

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I would check out the JBL Studio S36 AWii. I have used two pairs of them with S38's as mains and a s center with a Yamaha HTR-5890 7.1 receiver, for home theater and was very impressed. They weigh 11 lbs. each, 60-20Khz, 150 watts 3 way 6" mirror image, wall mount ( you don't even need to buy wall brackets ). Amazon has them in off white. Read the owner reviews of them there.
I am looking for speakers for my boat (outside) & am considering the NHT Outdoor One. Some of their other gear has been rated Class A in Stereophile & has always been reasonably priced.

So, in the home rig, if 'the room matters', so must the lack of a room, n'est ce pas?

NHT have designed an outdoor speaker that is supposed to withstand bad weather and sound good - outdoors. Have't heard 'em myself yet, but these are on my short list.

Here's from their website: http://store.nhthifi.com/OutdoorOne?sc=12&category=1225

"The acoustical properties of outdoor environments differ greatly from that of indoor environments, where there are room boundaries to reinforce bass. “Indoor/outdoor” speakers cannot offer optimized performance for both, therefore the NHT OutdoorOne was designed specifically for outdoor use only.

Its bass and lower midrange response is voiced to compensate for the lack of room reinforcement, resulting in full-range sound outdoors."

Hope that helps.

You should consider these:

Thanks for the suggestions. I have also seen some good reviews of Boston Acoutics outdoor speakers. Time for some further digging.
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I just heard a pair of Mirage Omni outdoor speakers at a local sandwich shop and they were GREAT--they disperse over a very broad soundstage and sounded very natural. I actually found myself hanging around just to listen, the lousy food notwithstanding.
Why the potshot at Obama? I'm still in "wait and see" mode on the guy. He's only slightly more than 6 months into his Presidency and has not done anything damaging that I can point to. Most of his activity so far has come in the form of remedial efforts to help us recover from the damage done by his predecessor. Considering that he has to overcome the saturation sabotage and character assassination efforts of the opposition party as well as the obstacles he inherited, I think it is much too early to render a judgment......
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Stanwal and Macrojack,

I must disagree with your assesment of Mr. Obama. He is a socialist who is plotting to ruin the U.S. healthcare system and is spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. His main goal is to redistribute wealth by stealing money from the rich and giving to the poor. That is criminal in my book. I can only hope he will be a one term president and that the damage to the U.S. can be repaired.
"and has not done anything damaging that I can point to"

You mean besides spending more money than all previous presidents combined?
Papajoe- THANK YOU! We need more intelligent people like you. Macrojack- you got to be kidding me! "not done anything damaging"? Obama is fricking evil dude! WAKE UP!
Full disclosure: I work in progressive politics

That said, I'm really tired of the politics on this site in *both* directions. I never used an AudiogoN thread as an excuse to attack Bush (I've been a member since he first became president) because I don't think there's a place for it on a thread about outdoor speakers. OUTDOOR. SPEAKERS.

I've seen more and more of this over the course of time, and I really wish we would all leave politics off to the side when discussing issues relevant to audio.

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Thedautch is right. Go somewhere else with the political rants.

The Mirage Oasis Omni 6 is looking pretty good to me. Excellent online reviews, 360 degree dispersion, watertight. I think these are in the lead right now, followed by the Def Techs.
The JBL Control 28's under $400pr or the control 29's for about $700. These are from JBL pro and are serious outdoor speakers.
Come on...Brewed's post was pretty funny. It's not like he mentioned death panels or anything...
Brewed's opinion is flawed and that speaker is distorted and has been recalled back to the house for modifications.
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Brewed is piping back in.

I acknowledged in my original post that it was a cheap shot at our president. The thread's title just happened to strike me as a great "straight line" to get a laugh.

And I just couldn't resist. It was too easy to find the punch line.

I humbly apologize.

I have gleaned much useful information from this site and hope to continue to do so.

did you end up getting the mirages? i'm curious to know your reactions.
Didn't get either yet. I'm still debating. I would get the Mirages but the mounting scheme doesn't work well for my space - I'd need to attach additional mounting blocks for them (a no-no with the wife). I'm leaning to the Def Techs because they would be much easier to mount. I'm going on vacation Friday so the decision will need to wait a bit longer, I think.
reviving this thread in hopes that it will break this frost. i need some speakers for my pool. thinking i might go blue tooth in which case i dont need to mess with wires. though i could be convinced to go with wired if the argument is strong enough. remember these are not for critical listening, but rather functional listening. any thoughts folks?