Outdoor Speakers: Paintable

Okay, this may not be the site to seek this advice, but here goes.... I am finishing my home renovation and one of the (many) things I am doing is setting up some exterior audio. Problem is that I would like the speakers to blend. Otoh, I'm not a big fan of speaker/rocks and I don't fancy paying a premium for something that looks like a rock and probably sounds like one as well. So I am looking for a traditional box speaker (unfortunately there seems to be a shortage of outdoor planars! :) that I can paint to blend with it's surroundings. There seem to be a few, but I know nothing about them and I haven't found many.... So can you all help me?

Btw, I have the spare amp channels to drive them, not a problem. Wiring isn't a problem, but I'm willing to consider wireless in this application. I prefer all weather to weather resistant, but I'll take what I can get. As for sound, to be frank, I kmow so little about outdoor speakers that I am reluctant to say what my expectations are... I'd like Aqualung to sound good. How's that?

Thanks folks!
I have a pair of Niles OS 20's outdoors. Nice sound as long as the source material is more focused on the mid range and does not have a lot of treble. They came with an extra special grille that covers the drivers and allows you to paint the speakers any color you choose. I sprayed with white and it was a very easy task.

I have found these speakers to be quite good with good source material.