Loe Reed's speaker reviews

I just ran across this article. It would have been fun to watch this session (especially the first speakers).
Thanks for that. Very enjoyable.
That was funny. You do have to wonder what hearing he has left after all these years though.
Pretty hilarious if you ask me. "I would pay NOT to hear those" referring to the Bose : )

It doesn't surprise me of the two choices that he made. That is, the Logan's represent finesse and detail with speed and clarity whereas the Klipsch represent dynamics and "prat". Given that i stated that E-stat's and horns aren't that far apart many years ago on this very forum, my guess is that Lou's hearing is still good enough to know what he likes and what sounds good. After all, he made the records and knows what the performance should sound like. The answer to the first speaker listened to was proof that one brand is all hype with little resemblance to musical reproduction : ) Sean
They didn't mention the rest of the system they were using to preview all the speakers. System synergy could make or break any components performance. Also, was that full-page advertisement on page four of the article a mirror of the kind of conflict of interest in most of the audio rags?

Thanks for the link.

Marco: I agree with your basic comments, but it is hard to argue with the results, especially if one has listened to the speakers mentioned. After all, all of the speakers were treated to the same poor installation and grade of electronics, whatever they were. This is the "best" / most universal kind of testing that one could do. That is, short of testing each speaker in a system that was fully optimized to achieve the best results possible for that specific speaker. Sean
His preference for the Klipsch is quite reasonable being that one of his demo disc was Outkast's "Hey Ya'" at high volume. Overall, I thought it was a very good audio review for a general publication magazine. Remember, in the real world $2,500 is considered a ridiculous amount of money to spend on an audio component.
Thanks for the review; it was pretty amusing. Even Unka Lou hates Bose!