NAD M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amp: Reviews?

I am intrigued by this latest offering from NAD. I was wondering if any of you have auditioned this in your systems, and in particular how does it stack up to high quality separates? I am curious about its drive capability for fullrange moderate load speakers too. I have always been very fond of NAD gear, feeling like they are consistent overacheivers in the "mid-fi" market (I still have my original NAD 314 integrated from mid 90's, never a problem always faithful). The M3 unit, and it's HT and digital counterparts have impressive looking literature and the design features (and price) pretty much put this in the "High End" arena, but I am ever curious how it sounds to audiophiles with lots of experience. Thanks!
First of all I had the M3 for a few months and I sold it. I did not sell it because it was not a very good integrated. I sold it because of my speakers (Reimer Wind Rivers. The Reimers are better with tubes than solid state but I already had the M3 when I purchased the Reimers. The M3 is not rated highly in our circles because not many are giving it a chance. If your goal is a high quality solid state integrated, it is a winner. It is somewhat analog in presentation with a firm weighty low end and smooth palpable midrange (not tubelike). It is flexible as all get out with a ton of features that are there should you ever want to use them. I recommend it highly. In fact, I miss my M3. Mate it with the right set of speakers and you will be very happy. By the way, I don't know how it stacks up to high quality seperates since the only seperates I had was a Marsh setup several years ago. But as integrateds go, I believe it is special, particularly at the price they're selling for used. If you get one, let me know how it turns out. I'd be interested in your feedback.
Hello, You may already know, but it recieved a very positive review from MF and JA in the Jan 07 issue of Sterophile Hope this helps
I remain very interested in auditioning this piece. BTW, I read every word ;-)
I see that Dynaudio pairs the NAD M3 with its Confidence, C4...methinks it must be pretty sweet for *them* to choose this to showcase the capabilities of this line of speaker.
Very enticing considering I have smaller Dyn relatives, there may be some hint of synergy there....

I wonder about its reliability...and how this baby would stack up against my Audio Research separates ?

Happy New Year
I heard the sister M-25 multi-channel NAD master amp today on some Wilson-Benesch ARC speakers and the sound was stunning. The same store also sells/demo's Audio Research gear running on Wilson Audio speakers, and the NAD was very, very close in the overall transparency, punch, and detail to the AR gear.

I think NAD has hit a home run with the NAD master series, it dwarfs anything that they have ever previously made. The Master series is on par with Anthem Statement and Krell Showcase gear, if not even better in my opinion.

After listening to an NAD M3 integrated on demo, I am struggling to find anything better. I have not heard an integrated that is so musical and three-dimensional. It is a very special product and I plan to purchase one soon.
Drobbins, it's a really nice one. As in all amps, you'll only get its best by finding speakers that make it sing (as in match it well!)and also cabling and the rest. In my experience trying many different integrateds including the M3, synergy (a good match) with the speakers and cabling is often not a very easy thing to achieve with so many choices available. The trial and error involved can be daunting and takes much patience and time. I lack patience by the way. I've learned over time that the speakers sitting in my room that I hope to hold on to, may not match well with the integrated I was salivating over.
Im way late on this one.but I just brought one home for a demo. It was bought and brought back a few weeks later for a home theater amp so I don't think it fully burned in yet. My initial impression so far is really nice build quality, tons of features. But....and it may be an early call on this.its just not musically engaging at all.its as in it has no sole.cold one dimensional sound stage.just doesn't work in my system. I just finished a week with the cary 200.2 solid state with the slp98 pre.and that was awesome thru my thiel cs3.7's. So I might be jaded.