Why is there no reviews for Dynaudio T2.5?

I sure would like to hear what others have to say about this speaker. Is it not very popular or liked?
These speakers are made for Home Cinema, which does not mean they don't sound good in stereo settings.

I have not heard them, but I've read reviews of their stereo performance in german magazines, which rank them below the Contour 1.8 or even below the Audience 122, which are much less expensive
I listened to them extensively when I bought my 1.8's, I liked the 1.8's better. The T2.5's had more bass, but I thought that the upper bass was a little boomy. I thought the 1.8 was smoother and more integrated. Oddly enough, I think the t2.5 is the only ''old'' Contour model still available.

I never tried the Audience 122, but Ilike the smaller Audience speakers for surrounds, I use 42W's.
I had listened to the 1.8mk2's and loved them also. It's too bad they discontinued them. I also heard the 3.0 (?) (maybe the 3.3's) and I thought the bass was a bit much--didn't care for them. I have not heard the T2.8's, but I like the fact that they're front ported, and they seem like they'ld be easier on my reciever over the 1.8's. I sure would like to hear more from others on these because that seems to be what I'll be buying. (unless I find something else).