Pass Labs, Cardas, Dynaudio... Interconnects???

Hello guys,

I'd like to ask for your opinion... Few weeks ago I purchased Sonic Euphoria PLC Ti passive "preamp". When I connected it instead of my Musical Fidelity A5 preamp I couldn't believe the difference I was hearing... Smooth sound, great bass... I could listen to recordings I'd been avoiding for a long time!
Then I sold MF A5 power amp and bought Pass Labs X250 but was unable to do a serious evaluation because the Chord Signature speaker cables wouldn't fit the amp.

Last night I was listening to music through Cardas Golden Reference and I loved it though I thought the sound was a bit thinner than it used to be with all-Chord cabling. A lot of detail but less body... Still it was great, no fatigue, great bass, fantastic vocals...

Then I put the Anthem 2 instead of the older Anthem between MF A5 CD and pre. I didn't hear any difference. It was noticeable though when I put the Anthem between pre and power. The bass was more lively and music became altogether fuller but still detailed.

What came as a shock to me was when I connected pre and power with the Van Den Hul D-102 III. Music not only sounded fuller but I didn't lose any detail. The midbass was slightly increased but it only added to overall "reality" of the sound... My wife who's not particularly interested in sitting there with me while I'm switching the cables commented the sound after the VDH came in. No sibilants, acoustic guitar had more body, vocals were more real and more "there"

I tried the same thing while I had MF / Chord set up but in this situation VDH was not a good match. Everything sounded muddy and bloated. I never looked back.

Yesterday got me confused though... Clearly the Chord are no longer the ICs I need.

Do you have any experience with similar equipment? Where should I look, what ICs should I consider?

Thank you!!!

P.S. You could probably see that english language is not my first. Apologies!
As you have seen for yourself, cables are almost entirely unpredictable in performance and each person will hear the differences between them in a different way. You just have to try them in your system and see what you think. Every change you make in your system changes the balance between all the other components and renders judgements you have already reached obsolete.
MIT will work well, and the new MA series has switchable impedance which allows you to ensure that the interconnects match the input impedance of the component.

I have used MIT with Dynaudio to very very good effect.
MIT works very well with PASS also.

Please contact me to discuss further.