Live 70s soul, funk, r &b albums.....

Any truly stellar live albums from this era? Thinking War... Earth, wind and fire....Ohio Players...Isley brothers...etc...
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The closest I can bring you other than Earth, Wind and Fire Live......someplace, would be Tower of Power Direct to Disc on LP "What is Hip". There were actually several live T of P live recorded performances. Incredible recording quality for live performance.

The DtoD performance was Sheffield Lab #17, recorded June 22-24, 1981 @ the Sheffield Lab studios at MGM, Culver City Ca. 2nd cut first side, "You're Gonna Need Me", and 2nd cut 2nd side "What Is Hip"......Bolt down your listening chair. I think that the Sheffield is available in CD format.

One drawback to T of P, you can't stop your feet from tapping for 2-3 days after listening. That band COOKS!

Happy Listening, Ed
I have seen tower of Power on stage. Great music.
Otis Redding, "Live in Europe." (recently reissued on Sundazed LP)
I don't recall the name, but I think Tower of Power has a live release from this era that is very cool.
Phasecorrect- Not to be a nitpicker, but are you limited to vinyl, or are CDs alright? Your preference affects the list that will be forthcoming.
Crusaders "Scratch" album. Nice live album recorded in the mid 70's. It is a little more on the jazz side, but you have to hear it. This is with Larry Carlton in his younger days with Joe Sample, Stix Hooper, Wayne Henderson, Max Bennett and the sax man himself, Wilton Felder. Check it out at Barnes and Noble for a good sample of it.
"Donny Hathaway Live" don't miss this one.
Definitely! Parliamentfunkadelic What you say, haven't been hit by the One in a while, well this funk is definetly stored in your memory banks. Try Parlimanet "Live Earth Tour". The only Casablanca Live release they did. There is also a good bootleg from Denver '76. It's called Rocky Mountain Shakedown. Make my funk the P-Funk!
Just a sampler:

Live Stuff-

James Brown-Live at the Apollo Volume 2 (Get the Deluxe Edition with the entire show)

Gap Band- Gotta Get Up

Maze- Live In New Orleans (This is the Best of many of Frankie Beverly's live works)

Studio Stuff-

Ohio Players- Almost all of their work

Confunkshun-Get their greatest hits

Lakeside-Play "Fantastic Voyage" loud as hell and try to stay seated.

Good Luck
Check out Curis/Live by Curtis Mayfield. The original LP on Curtom, and the recent Rhino remaster on CD, are both worth owning. A real highlight is the remarkably credible cover of "We've Only Just Begun."
James Brown Love Power Peace - Live in '71
EWF - Gratitude & Alive in '75
Commodores - Live!
TOP - Live and in Living Color
P-Funk Earth Tour
Rufus & Chaka Khan Live

That's a taste of real funk. The bomb.
THanks everyone...just to clarify...looking for cd releases..
The live TOP SHeffield recording,"Direct", received a one-star rating from allmusicguide...not the end all...but not good either...this was based soley on the performance...
I find allmusicguide helpful in cataloging artists and their work. However, their ratings and opinions of what is "best" or "representative" of an artist's work invariably differs from mine. I never let their rankings deter me.
Phasecorrect, If that reviewer was implying a poor performance by the use of such a rating, I would have to assume one of two things... either said reviewer was sleeping, of forgot to turn on their amplifier while auditioning.

I really don't think there is such a thing as a poor performance from T of P. They are an incredibly polished group of musicians that will put on an unbelievable performance at any venue.