Linn LP 12

In the good old days one could purchase an LP 12 SANS arm and outboard power supply and use a modified armboard to facilitate use of Rega arms. Can NEW LP-12s be purchased in the same manner? I ask because I've heard something about Linn force-feeding the "full-monty" to the consumer w/o offering the option of buying a BASIC model. I ask because I want to purchase the LP-12 to use with my Rega arm. I do not want to buy into the Linn arm or the Linn PS.
Buy used and at the same time save a ton of money.
I don't see why not . . . they're all separate SKUs, and ship in separate boxes. Linn has always felt strongly about their dealers not simply pushing boxes out the door, and maybe some dealers wouldn't be comfortable selling you JUST the turntable - just find a dealer that respects where you're coming from, and make a relationship with them.
I like buying used but Linn has made so many changes to its table over the years that you should make sure that the table you buy has the features you want.
The Linn is purchased piece by piece - the plinth, the baseboard, the power supply, the arm. Unless you know how to set them up, I would strongly advise you have secured the services of someone who knows how. People with the requisite skill are not cheap, so count this into the price.
The beauty of the LP12 is that all upgrades from 1972 to current can be added to a table built at any time. The bad news is that is not cheap. I bought a used table 2 yrs ago and the dealer went through it completely at that time. New Springs, adjustments etc. I also added a Cirkus brg, New wood base(cherry), new hinges, trampoline and upgraded the cable to Cardas GR. I love the sound of the table but am considering trading or selling in favor one less finiky. But if you buy one there is a dealer in Ft Collins Colo. that can rebuild these in his sleep.
I have an LP12 w/lingo (circa 1991) with a Rega RB300 arm. I love it dearly, so I am not by any means a Linn-basher.

Having said that...

I have compared it to several new LP12's with all the trimmings, like the cirkus and trampolin and most of the Linn arms. I can honestly say that I like the pre-cirkus table better, and I am highly suspicious of the Linn arms (like all Linn products). I think you are better off with a used LP12 and Rega arm. Plus you will save a ton of money. However you really should find an HONEST Linn mechanic to set it up. I know that's hard!
Honesty is important, but so is skill.