Linbrook Sig Owners - In Room Bass Extension?

Can anyone comment on the Tyler Linbrook Sigs bass extension in their real world environment? I am considering a pair and would like to know if the published spec of 25Hz is actually being realized in people's homes.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Linbrrok SIG SYSTEM(LSS( ? Or do you mean Linbrook Sig MONITOR(LSM).
Folks need to be more specific on Tyler's models, as it can get confusing.
I assume you mean the LSS. You can look at my review of the LSS back in Aug of this yr. The dual 8 inch bass are crossed very low, and produce a "soft" (not punchy/agressive) subtle bass. Now if its 25 hz or 30 hz I wouldn't know, didn't have a instrument to measure it. What i can tell you is the bass is very natural and intergrated very well with the dual 7 inch midbass at the xover.
I guess if you want even deeper bass, for lowest of hz's , go with the Woodmere's , with the dual 10 inch Excel/per cabinet.
With the LSS you will not need a sub woofer, if thats what you asking.
Hope that helps.
If you are indeed talking about the Linbrook Signature System, then the answer is a resounding "yes" at least in my home.

Sorry - yes I am talking about the LSS. Thanks for the responses.
In my 19 x 13.5 x 9 ft room with the speakers and listenening positions into the room about 66" (triangulated) and referenced to flat (0db) at 1K and 200hz, mine are flat at 32hz, down about 6db at 25, and 10db at 20hz. Sound pretty good too! :-)
hey newbee that is just about the same as my db tests with my LSS, they are trying to produce sound at 16hz, but at 20hz the chart starts, my problem like most is in the 60hz to 70hz area, tried a lot of things got it closer but not as flat as i would like, and yes i agree they sound sweet, and they look fine,
itball i listen to classic rock 90% of the time, and bass drums and guitars are clean sharp and get down to the lower cycles easily, go to tys site and see if anyone is near your area for a audition, good luck
Using the radio shack SPL meter and stereophile test CD 2, in a 22 by 14 room mine are about -6dB at 25 Hz. Interestingly, they're also -6 at 20. The thing is though that I have found with these speakers (and I've had other large floorstanders, such as B&W 802M and PSB stratus Gold) is that you really have to get them away from the back wall because they do produce so much bass, and because they are so deep in length (at least the two piece bass modules). My measurements were taken with the speakers rear 34 inches from the rear wall, with the fronts then being two feet more. That's 5 feet into the room to get a good balance. The monitors on the other hand easily go flat to 35 Hz and you can put them near the wall still with great sound staging and depth. I have not heard the one piece system, but I can say that the two piece is big and needs a lot of room. With a medium sized room like mine it will take up a good quarter of the room. If you can't afford to place them like that, they're going to be boomy. That's either a good thing or bad thing in the context of this post - they do put out the bass, just make sure you have room enough to manage the bass output and still get the best from the midrange. I have not tried it, but I'm sure if I put them close to the back wall they'd be flat to 25 Hz or so. But they wouldn't sound great otherwise.