Lexicon vs Meridian

Looking to buy a used processor. Have my eye on 3:
Lexicon dc 2
Meridian 565 with z3 for DD/DTS
Proceed avp version 1

I only need HT use as I have a dedicataed 2 channel system. Using with Cary cinema 5 and Merlin speakers. Suggestions appreciated.
No one does surround steering like Lexicon. The Proceed will smoke the DC-2 in 2 channel, but get nudged out in surround steering and speed. Meridian? I have only experienced the 861, which is superior to both, the DC-2/AVP.
I haven't listened to the current Lexicon offerings and my Meridian processort is a pre-DTS version, but I had the big Lexicon in my system at that time, and it sounded far more artificial (if that is possible) than the Meridian. Better than both, at least by 'analog' standards was the then cheap Fosgate- not the top of the line. It actually sounded decent.

These things must go pretty cheaply in the used market, yes?

And, what about the Theta, or the older big Meridian, I think it was the 800 series?
You can throw Theta, 800 Meridian, Bryston, Anthem, and surely a few others in this mix, but I think Jamesw20 has selected the above because they all sell on the preowned market in the $500 to $850 price points. The Thetas (CasaNova/Blanca), Meridian 861, Bryston, and Anthems do not fall into this category.

I could be wrong, but this is my bet.
I have a 565 with the Z3 upgrade (and a stack of other 500 series gear feeding Meridian digital and active analogue speakers. Kind of tricky to setup unless you're patient, but the results are worth it. . .absolutely nothing that is artificial or exaggerated about the sound. I'd call it effortless.
Forget the Meridian 565 as it is a real hastle to set-up and use. The 561 is a much better choice and actually outperforms the Lexicon for movies which is not easy. The Proceed is an excellent processor but if you are only going to use this system for movies than the 561 is the way to go. I actually enjoyed my 561 for movies better than the 568 that I owned as well. The 568 was superior for music though.
The Lexicon would be my second choice for a movie only system, I personally think Lexicon sounds like somebody puts sand in your ears for music but for movies it does a real nice job.
Thanks for the suggestions. Porschecab is correct, I'm going for $500-$800. I have experiene with meridian having owned the 568 and 568.2 in the past for all my audio needs. I don't feel that I need that now as I have a tube 2 channel setup. Am I going to be benefited with the above over a denon/sony pro into my cary amp??
I woud pic the Meridian 565 Z3 over the Lexicon any day of the week. It is far superior with movies or music to the Lexicon I've spent time with. As described above the Lexicon DC processor is one sandy sounding unit for music. It's good for movies though. I'm not sure if anyone can do it better than Meridian. IMHO they rule in movie processors.
Meridian 565 has a better sounding pre-amp in it than the 561. The 561 has the nice computer interface and multiple inputs. It was a budget one box solution to the 565/562V combo. If you just get the 565 you only get 1 otpical, 1 digital and 1 analog input. If you have a minimalist system, this will work for you. You need the 562V if you want to expand for more sources. The 565 set-up is done via the front panel using the slimline buttons to navigate through menus. Turn the power on/off to store your changes. Sound familiar? It's much like DOS vs Windows. You have no picture, just a word on the dot matrix read out to go by. If you set-up your old 568 you will know what I mean. It's not hard if you know what you are doing, it's just not as easy as the 568 or 561. FWIW, no computer is required to make changes on the 565. The 568 was the best of the 565 and the 561 plus balanced outputs in a one box solution.

We had an old Lexicon DC1. The Meridian 565 smoked it.

Proceed was always reviewed very well in all respects.
I just got another act3, and I don't think you can touch it without spending a thousand bucks more, minimum. Shouldn't have sold my first one. I'd like a Meridian 568.1 or 2, but maybe next time.
Yeah, good choice Michaeljbrown! I've owned a few of the Act 3's..superb. Actually, if you're ready for an upgrade, I personally have the "factory upgraded" ACT 3 I need to sell, with 8ch pass, direct-in's/bypass for all analog inputs(for total purity), DPLII, adjustable crossovers, DTSneo6, and 24/192 DAC's!!!!! This thing's not only DEAD QUIET (the act 3 has a bit of noise), but has all the clarity and dynamics of the old ACT 3!!! Best sounding pre/pro around, and "never released to the public!!"
I'd look at an MC-1 over a DC-2... they can be had quite reasonably and the performace differences are substantial.