Levinson 335 or Parasound JC 1's

I have recently purchased a pair of Revel Studio v.1's!! I have always wanted to own a pair of these!! Now I am looking for the right amp to match with them. I know they need alot of power so I feel the amps that I have chosen will do the job. I have never heard either amp before but have done extensive research and read several reviews on both. (I belive in the stereophile review of the levinson 335 the studios were used) I would be greatful if anyone who has heard the Studios on either one of these amps could give me any advice. I would also be open to considering another amp under 4k used if they have amazing synergy. I will eventually be purchasing a Audio Research Ref 3 as my preamp and the Audio Research cd5.

My main listening is usually at low to moderate levels. The music I listen to is R&B, Jazz, pop and a little bit of rock and roll thrown in every now and then.

Let me thank you in advance for any advice.
I think the Levinson 335/ARC Ref 3 would be a very nice combo. Make sure the capacitors in the 335 were replaced
fairly recently. The seller should have documentation.
If seller cannot verify the cap replacement I would
look elsewhere. Lots of luck.
I had ML335 and ML336 now I have the JC1's and very happy with them. They are both great amps. They both have tremendous bass, midrange they are about the same, maybe the ML335 is a little sweeter, highs I think the JC1's is a bit clearer and more extended. Levinson amps have cap issues, and they are costly to repair. I think you should audition the JC1's, you will not be disappointed. they won't have no trouble driving your Revel's.
JC-1 is the way to go. $3,700 used is a bargain. I would pair the JC-1 with good tube preamp. The JC-1s didn't have trouble driving the Thiel 7.2. Revel Studio and JC-1s would be a good combo.
I had a Levinson 334 paired with my ARC Ref 3 until I decided to upgrade both in my primary system. But the 334/Ref 3 combo was an excellent one!
The levinson 334 is a great amp, i replaced my conrad johson 140 with this one and im happy. The bass response is high and you have all the control over it.
I just replaced my Levinson 334 with the JC-1s. While I really enjoyed the 334, the JC-1s were clearly an improvement in my system which inlcuded an ARC LS15 pre-amp. Of course, given my speakers (Magnepan 3.6s) the added power of the JC-1s was needed.
i have had the jc-1s for about 3 years with the studios and have no complaints. i haven't directly compared the ml amps though