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New Linear Parasound Halo JC1+ monoblocks, an even more improved new John Curl design
Listening to music is very therapeutic for me especially given thetulmultuous world we now live in.    Just relax and enjoy the tunes! 
New Linear Parasound Halo JC1+ monoblocks, an even more improved new John Curl design
George,     I use the amps in high bias mode but the lower gain setting that seems to match my preamp better.   I've upgraded the stock power cords with Shunyata Alpha NR cables to nice effect.             All the best! 
New Linear Parasound Halo JC1+ monoblocks, an even more improved new John Curl design
     I've owned the JC1+ monos for a few months driving my Wilson Sasha 1 loudspeakers.  They pair very nicely with my ARC Ref 6 preamp.They replaced my Levinson 33H monos.  Very dynamic and extremelyquiet.  Seemingly unlimited  power reserves.  T... 
Luxman dealers
     Perrotta Consulting in Bethel, CT is a Luxman Dealer.Anthony is very fair and a really good guy. 
80s Levinson Gear - Best Repair/Refurbish?
    jj666,       I recently had my Levinsom 33H amplifiers recapped and some boards replaced.   I used EBC Electronics in Manville, NJ.  I had a very good experience  and I'm thrilled with the repair.  Costs will probably be less also.   Good Luck... 
My JL Audio sub is dead. What exactly happened?
I've owned JL Audio fathom subs for some time.  My fathom 113 v1did have a failure after a power outage.    Sub was repaired by JL Audiobut they recommended using a surge protector to avoid any chanceof amp failure.  Currently I own 2 fathom 212 v... 
Pure Music 1.88a
PM 1.89a just crashed . Audirvana Plus works fine. Just don't get it! 
Pure Music 1.88a
Just upgraded to Puremusic 1.89a that recently was posted on Channel D'ssite. So far integration with iTune 11.01 seems perfect. Sounds really good.Looks like the problems with iTunes 11 are fixed. 
Pure Music Memory Play
If you are using iTunes 11 with Puremusic there may besome issues. I've encountered some issues myself. UntilPuremusic 1.9 is finalized I've downloaded Audirvana Plus 1.4 version. ZERO issues with iTunes 11 and sounds great. Audirvana Plus also wo... 
Mach2Music mini and Amarra : Huge disappointment
Just wanted to share an excellent 24/98 downloadfrom iTrax. Laurence Juber's "Guitar Noir" (13 tracks) iswonderfully textured and sonically really well done. 
Mach2Music mini and Amarra : Huge disappointment
I can certainly understand your frustration however myexperience has been quite the opposite. I too own aMach 2 modified 2011 mac mini which in my case is connectedto a Playback Designs mps-5 with USB-x. This setup wil play all formats as well as ... 
ARC Ref 3 Main Output Impedance Question
Bifwynne, I had the same issue with my ARC Ref 3 and JL Audiosubs. You should be able to resolve this by insertingan impedance buffer between the preamp and sub. CallTom Tutay from Transition Audio Design in Florida.He can make a solid state buffe... 
Preamp with tone control.
Why not add a graphic equalizer? I believe Audiosource is still making them. 
speaker ground hum
All excellent suggestions. If all else fails haveyour Cable TV ground checked where it enters your house.This eliminated a terrible hum in my family roomsurround system. Good luck. 
JL Audio F113 --- Loud Buzz --- ??? --- Bizzarre
Both my fathom f113 subs were severely damaged aftera power failure/surge. JL Audio needed to replace theamplifiers and wiring. As JL Audio suggested I'm nowusing Surg-x surge protection units with each sub.JL Audio honored the warranty but the re...