Latest Pink Moon Reissue

Anyone have a chance to hear the new vinyl version of this classic? I've got the Simply Vinyl issue which I think sounds pretty darn good (though I have read some pretty strong criticism in other quarters). Also, is my information correct that there will be a "regular" version to follow the pricey box version that will have the same sound quality at a cheaper price?.
In a recent online Stereophile article the reviewer used effusive praise while promoting this box set. It was indicated that a "regular" version would be forthcoming.
I believe Michael Fremer from Analogue Planet had some very positive things to say about this reissue as well.
Thanks, guys. I did see the Stereophile review but was whether anyone here had bought the box version and could comment on the sound quality or better still compare it with the Simply Vinyl version.
Played mine last night. It's the new pressing just released on or about Feb 26. I wanted the box, but didn't want to cough up $100. This album delivers in every way. Quiet surfaces, great detail. It has that special analog sound that sometimes eludes new pressings.
The soon to be released box set Bryter Layter, is priced at $60.00. This is a deluxe/book version of his second LP. Pink Moon, his third LP, is still $100 for the box. This is from from Acoustic Sounds website. I never heard either of his first two records, PM was his third, and LAST. I do want to check out them out, because PM IMO is brilliant. I wish all reissues for $25 were this good. Only quibble would be no nice poly inner sleeve. They chose to use a nice paper, and duplicate the artwork. Changed that inner sleeve, and I was camping in style. Cheers -Don
I got the Pink Moon deluxe box for 59.99 from Sound Stage Direct. Last I checked they still had some in stock. It is a great album and the sound quality of the reissue is flat out addictive. I don't know for sure but I heard that the regular album reissue may not be the same pressing.???
It's a great record. Sonofjim- You have me curious, but mine sounds sublime. I will have to post a photo here, of my album/jacket, if I am able to do so. For $60, I would have ordered the box, maybe I still will for completeness sake.