Large banana plugs for 10 awg speaker cable

Hello. I have a Parasound HCA-1200 power amp. The holes in the speaker posts are too small to for the 10 AWG speaker cable I am using. I have tried crimping the wire, wrapping it around the post and it is just too large. I have tried standard size banana plugs and they are too small. Can anyone recommend a place where I can get large size banana plugs that will accommodate 10 AWG speaker wire?

Parts Express has many of them .
Does it have to be banana plug? Can you crimp spades.
Take a look at Furez products - I've used them on my 10 gauge cables they perform great.
Thanks, everyone!
Blue Jeans Cable.
Radio Shack, has cheap bananas for 10 awg wire that are as good as any.


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Jpahere , I'm a fellow Parasounder. Go to Blue jeans website, I remember readindg that some one on the Parasound web site had the same problem. Good Luck