Large Advents Vs. New Advents of the '70s

Does anyone know the difference between the "Large Advents" and the "New Advents" of the 70s? I still have a pair of New Advents, bought in about 1977. They are beautifully finished and weigh 47 lbs each. I recently saw comments by at least two people in an audiophile forum about the 10 best speakers, list the Large Advents. I'm curious how similar my New Advents might be to those Large Advents. My New Advent manual says they have much improved high frequency reproduction relative to the Original Advents, and can play down to 30 hz. I have been wondering if the Large Advents were similar to the Original Advents with larger and improved woofer. Anyone know the difference? Thanks!!!
I believe the large Advents were the predecessor to the new Advents. There was a change in the woofer of the new Advents and I believe the tweeter stayed the same. The original tweeter was orange in color and had a square plate that was mounted diagonally. The original large Advents had a 10 inch woofer mounted on a 12 inch frame. The new Advent did away with the 12 inch frame and was said to be cleaner sounding. I bought a pair of original large Advents in 1978. They had the 12 inch frame. When I went back to the store about 2 months later I was shown the new Advents with the changes. BTW i still have them packed away in a closet.
I had a pair(s) of both models. The original was called "The Large Advent" and the next,improved model, was the "New Advent." The new Advent featured a revised tweeter that was suppose to be cleaner and have a more extended range. It was also suppose to help the midrange since, both these systems being 2-way, the midrange was covered partially by the tweeter. The woofer was slightly revised and both were considered 10" although if you discount the surround material were more like 7". Both extended down into the upper 20's. Actually, the surround was the weak point for both systems. The surround would deteriorate over time.
The newer Advent did sound a little brighter than the original. However, both speakers were really something in their time----especially for the money. A stacked double pair was the way I went using a high powered Dynaco amp. Then double Haflers moved in. Really something from days gone by!