Should I get advents?

I was at a rummage sale today, and I came across a pair of old speakers by the name of Advent. I estimate that they are from the 70's-80's. And they're going for $30. Are they worth it?
They are definitely worth $30. They were THE moderate price high quality rock speaker back in the day.
Yep. Had the "Baby Advents" in my system for 10 years and loved them. Great speakers.
Without a doubt, jump on them. They still compete with many speakers on the market today.
Yes. Ditto the esteemed members above. Great value. You can easily and inexpensively re-foam the woofers yourself if needed. Great to have extra speakers around for smaller systems, kids, friends, etc. How much would one have to pay for comparable speakers today?....... Good find!
agree with the above
Get 'em. I have five pair. If you can find another pair and have a large room you can have stacked Advents connected in parallel for an awesome system. In the 70's my double Advents driven by a Kenwood integrated amp were very effective in helping me break a lease agreement for an apartment I wanted to move out of. I thought I might have overdone it when the apartment mgr looked like he might have a heart attack after sprinting across the complex on the way to my unit. Nothing like 4 10's in acoustic suspension for bass impact.
Get them, I had a pair from mid 70s til about 1992.
recently bought another pair on Ebay and refoamed the woofers myself. They sound great, makes me wonder about why I have spent so much on other more modern designs. They still compete with some of the best.
Make sure the foam on the woofers is ok. Not worth repairing?
Get 'em! I found a pair for $10 at an estate sale. If they need to be re-foamed, it's easy to do yourself! Mine just sit unused at this time, but they are well worth the money!