Stacked Large Advents v Cornwalls v Klipschorns

I currently have Advents and have always liked the sound. Please only respond if you have actually heard or ownedat least two of the three options I’ve listed. Will either Klipsch model(purchased as a used/older set) be a noticeable upgrade? What will be the benefit (what am I likely to hear) that makes the purchase worth the added cost? Thanks.
I am quite familiar with all three.
1) Klipschorns
2) Cornwalls
3) Distant third - Advents
The Khorns are amazing if you have the correct room for them, but the Cornwalls are a really enjoyable all-arounder, and an easier fit in more rooms if less exciting dynamically. They're still superior dynamically to the average good direct radiator.
In my opinion, the Advents are just too old, and I don't think they are really even in the same league as the other two.  
Thanks. I appreciate your time.