Lamm ML2.1 and Avalon Eidolon ?

I know that most of you will say that I sould get the Lamm M1.2 instead. The problem is that ... I already HAVE Lamm M1.2. It is a great amp but it still misses some soundstaging and midrange magic SET amps are famous for.

I'm curious If anyone actualy TRIED that combination ? My room is relatively small (14x19 feet) and I do not really listen loud. So far I have tried with great succes 16W parallel 300B amp and GM70 based, 30W SET amp, so limited wattage of ML2.1 shouldn't really be a problem.

(I know that 16W and Avalons may sound crazy for some ppl, but they worked GREAT).
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It sounds like you already have tried the combination and like it; if that is the case then great. I personally think that you need more power to get the most out of the Eidolons.

I had a CJ prmier 11a driving my Thiel 3.6's and it sounded wonderful as well. But when I sold the premier 11a and replaced it with a premier 350 the speakers simply blossomed in ways unimaginable to me. And if I am not mistaken the Eidolons have a similar efficency rating to my Thiels. Which if true would leave me to believe they like power as well.

This is no help but on my Eidolon Diamonds, an ASL 60W amp sounded bettered than MF KW500, ASL hurriance. I am wondering what a LAMM would do. I am also having difficulties in picking which Lamm to go with. A dealer, I had spoken with told me ML 2.1 would not be enough.

You are obviously taking a very careful and thoughtful approach in the construction of your room and its design. It looks beautiful and I'm sure it will sound wonderful.

No offence, but I wonder if you should hold off changing your amps. I know some on Audiogon change their equipment as frequent as I change underwear ... but I know you are more thoughtful than that. Yet, you have recently been posting about a number of SET amps, since you purchased your Lamm M1.2's.

I would wait until the room is complete and you have a chance to listen for a few months. Perhaps, relooking at the preamp may accomplish what you are looking for in the presentation and midrange magic, without second guessing your amp.


I wish Lamm could do for you.I love the Lamms. I'm sure though that the Cary1610 will do the job also with 55 powerfull SET watts, the problem is you can find it only by special order.

Which one you heard with the GM70? (Dehavilland?)
No, it was a DIY amp made by a local enthusiast. GM70 driven by 300B, which in turn was driven by 6N6. Tube rectified and regulated power supply, hand wound transformers etc. 50kg (per channel) of pure triode magic.
Elberoth2. I would try a ARC Ref. 3 instead of the Bat. Read the recent soundstage reviews of the ARC as he talks about how well it pairs with the M1.2's. Soundstaging is one of it's strengths. I'm currently using my DCC2 direct to M1.2's and the soundstaging is outstanding as well as the midrange. However I do have a larger room.
Frankg - I'm borrowing a EMM DCC2/CDSD combo from my friend for a couple of days, so we will see.
Forgot to mention that I've got a pair of NOS Amperex 6922 white label 1960's currently running which I believe improved the midrange.