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APL Hi-Fi NWO-4.0SE CD Player Review
Hi John (jafox) I'll donate mine for 25 big ones:-).Frank 
APL Hi-Fi NWO-4.0SE CD Player Review
Hi Harve.Those speakers look like the Talon Thunderhawks with a Talon sub in the middle. I'm using the Talon Firebirds with the diamond tweeter in my own system. Rives now owns Talon. According to John's review above he now has the Wilson Maxx II'... 
APL Hi-Fi NWO-4.0SE CD Player Review
Alex."I use cables that are rated at 3pF per meter. This is considered very low".I can't seem to find any cables with capacitance that low or even close to that. Where did you get yours? I've been using Stage 3 Concepts Vacuum Ref. between my NWO ... 
APL Hi-Fi NWO-4.0SE CD Player Review
Alex. In capacitance speak, what would be considered low capacitance for interconnects? 
APL Hi-Fi NWO-4.0SE CD Player Review
Quoting from the APL web site "Fully differential, transformer coupled tube output stage featuring the vintage E182CC tubes and Lundahl Audio transformers." 
EMM CDSA SE Player, How many hours required
I've owned several EMM products including some SE versions but not the one box CDSA SE. I've found that between 250 to 300 hours it's most of the way there but small improvements will occur up to about 500 hours. You'll be listing one night and al... 
APL Hi-Fi NWO-4.0SE CD Player Review
Simontju. Alex used to reside in Calif. but has been in Bulgaria for some time. Alex is from Bulgaria and has many talented engineer friends and contacts in his homeland. This enables him to produce a quality product at a very reasonable cost. Go ... 
CD players - Luxman vs. Esoteric?
Looking for impressions of the D-08. Do you know of any reviews that you can point me to?Frank 
Hi Rgs92. I too was a long time EMM fan. I just loved the clarity of the EMM units but they tended to be edgy in the highs. The SE version cured that to some extent. My last EMM gear was the DCC2 SE and CDSD SE like you have. I traded mine in for ... 
Magico V2 vs. Sonus Faber Cremona M
Jtein,For an excellent integrated amp look at what Gryphon has to offer. If your voltage is 220-240v, you'll find used ones on Europe as Gryphon is more common there. They are also popular in the orient.Frank 
Why no professional reviews of Evolution Acoustic
Not a review but Bob Levi (Positive Feedback) gave Jonathan's room at The Show "best of show by a very wide margin." He was using the MM 2's.Frank 
Parasound JC 1 or Musical Fidelity KW 550?
I've owned the JC 1's and Pass X 350. I liked the JC 1's better. The JC 1's do take a very long time to break in and don't sound good until they do. They're a bargain for the sound that you get. Better still is the Gryphon Encore but it's about $8... 
Gryphon Encore vs DM-100
I own the Encore and have only heard the DM-100 in an unfamiliar system. My impression was that the DM-100 was bright on the top end but again, it was an unfamiliar system. The Encore is a great amp.Frank 
Best preamp for and EAR890 / ESL57 rig
Giovanni. I took delivery of an 868 line only about a month ago. I took a chance and bought it on Bob Levi's high recommendation. I love it. It's dead quiet and more musical than my previous ARC Ref. 3. Output impedance is 600 ohm. It's a balanced... 
Digital remastering of CD's
As KOPS suggested,check out SHM-CD. Stands for super high material CD. It's an improved CD material. Makes for better bits and eliminates laser splatter. See Bob Levi's report on Positive Feedback.Frank