krell ksa 50

hi, someone is selling a krell ksa 50 original and i was wondering how is this amp sound like.. I love nice vocal voice and would this amp be able to give me this type of sound, please advise..thks
It was probably the sweetest sound Krell had ever made. It didnt have the power like the FBP300/600, but is more than enough if you have a efficient speaker> 95dB.
Great Amp with the right speakers as mentioned above. A real space heater though what you guys think? $900 bucks, is it ok to buy..
I think they are great sounding amps, but, these amps are getting a bit long in tooth, and can be quite expensive to refurbish.
IS it good to buy? How do we know? What speaker do you have? As said, if the impediance of your speaker doesnt drop too low, it fits. Hi-fi is all about system matching and sysnergy, regardless of class and price. Expensive system can sound awful if none of the equipment matches.
I wouldn't think that the impedance of the speaker would matter much with the Krell KSA 50, but the sensitivity might very well be a concern as well as the volume of the room in which the speakers will be used.
Hi, I want to buy this Krell ksa 50 amp to power up a pair of custom made speakers( diopolito style) . The speakers are 2 seven inch 8545 scans speak and a focal inverted metal tweeter in each cabinet.
I agree with Unsopund, the original KSA 50 (NOT the KSA 50s) was a pretty nice-sounding amp, particularly in the Mark II version, probably one of Krell's sweetest-sounding units, but it would likely need a full blown refurbishing, which would be expensive. In addition, it was fan-cooled, a part which could break down over time, and a pure Class A design, which means it really needed that fan--Krell ultimately started using heat sinks in its later designs in part for that reason. The strength of the first Krell designs was their ability to drive virtually any load; my KSA 50 did fine with my Duntech Princesses (90 db efficiency), though I ultimately opted for the more pwerful KSA 80 because I felt I needed a little more headroom. I think in retrospect it probably sounded a little more hi-fi than natural, but I have been converted to tubes since I owned it so take that for what it's worth.
Hi, the speakers are 91 dbs. So what you guys think, does this ksa 50 has enough power to push it. The preamp i'm using is krell pam 1, is the same age of the ksa 50. how you guys think of the sound gonna be?
It will need at the very least all new caps and the AC fans are reliable as the sunset and fairly cheap also.
Compared to the 80,100,160,200 watters of that era, the 50 really doesn,t like low impedences. It will drive them but not well. A Martin logan SL3 is a bad match for example. The others are not fazed by this load.
A great amp like this should be gone thru with TLC and given a second chance.
Has the amp been re-capped or refurbished? If you don't know then I probably wouldn't mess with it. Just my 2 cents. I would rather have the 50s or 80s models. I have heard a 100/200 and 100s/200s and prefer the later s models. So did 2 of my other buddies but to each their own.
HI, I finally pick up the krell ksa 50, it sounded amazing with my secondary set up(krell pam-1 preamp, ksa 50 class A amp and sony sacd-777es. The vocal is very strong just as i was hoping for before i make the buying move on the unit. Very Very happy..:):):)...thks