Hi, my krell kct preamp, the fuse located under the power cord plug is blown. I replace it and it immediately blew again. Does anybody have any idea what is going on, beside shipping it back to krell dealer? ( or Maybe can a local electronic shop fix it?)

Ideally the fuse would protect the unit in certain scenarios. You may wish to check if there are any internal fuses. It is indeed a problem of a sort one could only guess at until properly diagnosed.

Be your unit under warranty or not I would contact Krell for their best direction. They may have approved list of service centers in your area, or suggest a return to them. Good luck.
I also have a KCT. Never even hinted at any issue. I would try to isolate the problem. Perhaps disconnect everything connected to the pre, unplug the unit, replace the fuse, plug it back in, then turn it on. The KCT goes thru a small boot up cycle prior to going into the "on" mode. If it goes thru the cycle and stays on without the fuse blowing then the issue would be somewhere else.
If it still doesn't work contact Steve Lakrone at "The Service Dept". He used to work for Krell and is the The Man.
Hope this helpe, John
Yes, without question best guy to call is Steve Lacrone.
He used to work for Krell and knows everything about fixing Krell products. He also fixes tons of other high end equipment.
He fixed one of my Krell KAS Amps at a good deal.

Here's his site and info.
203 331 0671
All good advice. But let me say I have had outstanding service from Krell over the course of the last ten years. I have owned amps, preamps, and a KPSc-25 (did I say it correctly?).
They were fast and reasonable, and explained what was happening whether it was for a warranty repair, or an upgrade, or a cosmetic repair.
LOL!, I know both Steve Lacrone and Ray muchler at Krell, I decided to send my Krell 700 cx to Krell instead of steve, they are both great, However, I requested the amp to be totally renewed, cost no object!, Its only 8 years old, But I did have this crazy Bias problem on the left channel to where the left side of the amp was getting so hot, the amp would go into stand-by mode, needless to say, It is not the amps fault, like an idiot, I let a dealership work on it, that use to be a krell dealer, they band-aided the amp, then the problem got worse over time!, so, after looking at all the shipping on the krell 700cx, I said, wala, I surely should do all that I can now, since the amp is there at Krell, so I will not have to do a cap job a few years from now!, she should be good to go for the next 15 to 25 years!, Happy listening!
I also own a Krell KCT preamp. My fuse apparently blew this morning and I replaced it with a smaller 0.5 amp ABC fuse. It's working fine again, but wonder if I should replace with the exact fuse that failed?

What fuse should I put in the unit anyway? (the one that was in there was a 1.25A MDA Bussmann ceramic.
Hi, Mjz
Well, I shipped mine back to the dealer and have them changed the fuse there, I believe the fuse was 1.1 amp. while the preamp was there i had them go thru the whole unit. Now this preamp works like new. :) :o :)

Happy listening...