krell hts 7.1 vs proceed avp2?

hi i was looking into these processors for mostly home theater. does anyone have opinions on which is better. i'm really curious about the multichannel inputs for blu ray audio fomats.
I have listened to both processors hooked up with a Sunfire Cinema Grand for movies and a Pass Lab X-350 for 2channel music. I'm keeping the AVP2 for it's outstanding 2channel music and slightly better movie reproductions as well. Final word, AVP2 hands down. If you want multichannel inputs, then go with AVP2+6 option. It's not that easy to find one these days since Proceed is no longer in business. It's popped up once in awhile here on Audiogon, so good luck, you won't be disappointed.
My experience is just the opposite as the poster above, for two channel performance. The latest version (ie. 2008) of the Krell HTS 7.1 had what was/is primarily their KCT preamp as the two channel, direct preamp section. This is a highly regarded preamp (for two channel). But this goes more to show it is a matter of personal opinion.

On the aspect of surround sound, neither one of them are anywhere near what you can get for this purpose, but both are dirt cheap compared to their original list prices (perhaps that says something about the value of Surround Processors more than anything). At least with Krell's processors, they have historically been a day late versus the up and coming technology. This may just be the case where buying the "name" doesn't pay off very well.
thanks for your respnnses guys.
the msrp on the krell is $8000 and the avp2 is $6500.
you would think that the krell would be better for $1500 but i read lots of positive reviews on the avp2.

also what exactly is the avp2+6. what is the +6?
I wouldn't bother with +6 input. It allows multi channel analog input using six RCA cables. But the analog input is always digitized, and there is no way to defeat the digitization. After A/D and then D/A conversion, any benefit of the high resolution analog output diminishes quickly.
The +6 option on the AVP2 is for multichannel SACD inputs, goes like this. Main R Main L Center C R surround L surround and S sub woofer. If you have the none +6 option, then only 2channel for analog sound, as you know Super Audio CD (SACD) required 6 analog inputs, hope this would help.