Proceed AVP vs Meridian 502

Which do you think would be better for 2 channel listening only? i currently have a Meridian 502 with a Proceed HPA-2, Meridian 588 cd player & Tannoy System 1200 speakers.

I'm also thinking of getting of getting another HPA-2 and biamp the Tannoys. I use a subwoofer so would using the AVP or AVP2 make this easier to accomplish?

Thanks for you help.

Just get Meridian DSP speakers hook into 588 or whatever other Meridian source, GET RID OF EVERYTHING ELSE, including the overpriced cables and all that other audiophile nonesense and call it a day!

Everything else is really a waste of time...
Meridian DSP speakers wont work for me...This system is for my office...I listen to a lot of rap/r&b, sometimes at very loud levels (hence the tannoy 1200's) & the DSP's simply cant take it.

They can take it! They play loud much better than Tannoys and cleaner...just add a subwoofer if you want to wreck the place...