Proceed PMDT v. Cary, EMC1, Capitole, Muse Thalia

Everything is a compromise, right?

I'm primarily looking to upgrade red book CD playback but, my room, like many, serves double duty. Using an Elite DV-05 for DVD and CD into Theta Casanova. Knowing that SACD/DVD-A is coming, eventually, does the PMDT hold up to the Cary and others? The catch is the digital section in the Theta. Is it up to the task or am I looking at an outboard DAC as well?

I'm leaning toward the CD player and living with the Elite for DVDs since I choose to compromise HT v. 2ch. When the new standards hit (if they hit) punt the Elite. Capitole and Cary would allow the use of the fine digital/audio section to improve the Elite digital output as well. Does anyone do this?

Anyone have a comparison of the PMDT or other DVD/CD box v. the acclaimed CD leaders?
Hey RAP, although the PMDT is fantastic CD transport, its just that, its a transport, while the other have internal DACs the PMDT does not, its digital out ONLY.

Attach the PMDT to a quality DAC and it can compete with the players above that have internal DACs.

I love my PMDT, its attached to a Mark Levinson DAC and I love the sound and its multitude of features in the DVD and video switching capabilities
An MDT should sound great throught the CasaNova. I'm using mine through a Proceed AVP for both HT and great hifi.