Meridian 508.24 vs. Proceed CDP

Has anyone done a head to head comparison of the Meridian 508.24 CD player against the Proceed CDP? If so which did you like better, why, and what other components were in your system? Thanks.
I have not heard them head to head, but I heard the Meridian in a store with Sim electronics and Aerial 10t's and Kimber cables. The Proceed I own, but it's a couple years old. My system at home is also Sim/Aerial, with Tice and Cardas cables. Even the rooms were similar. I like both these players alot. The Proceed is more forward in presentation, great detail and presence, and fantastic, tight, punchy bass. Compared to the 508, it's a little "digital," with some hardness in the upper mids and low treble. The Meridian is slightly richer harmonically, and more relaxed and distant in perspective, with less detail and topend extension. If you prefer to be blown back by your sound, it's the Proceed. If you prefer to lean into your sound, it's the Meridian. Really, a classic American versus Brit tradeoff.
I'll agree with Whknopp0713. I also own the Proceed and auditioned the Meridian. While I found the Meridian better for some types of music, I preferred the Proceeds dynamics overall. The Meridian was smoother and sounded better on solo type recordings (pianos only or guitars only), vocals were warmer also. But the dynamic attack, or the feeling of listening to a live performance was lacking with the Meridian, IMHO. The Proceed had a more 'live' feeling to it. Classical orchestra, rock bands, whatever had more ooomph with the Proceed. These comments were exaggerated for the purpose of description. I could listen to rock on the Meridian and instruments and vocals sound good on the Proceed as well. I wound up getting the best of both worlds IMO, by combining the Proceed digital and pre/pro with Classe amplifiers. I hope this helps.