Kora amps

Has anybody heard kora amps and pre amps. I have not seen any reviews.
I heard the amps at a fellow 'Gon members place and at Stereophile. Very nice sounding indeed, and for what they retail for they are a steal!
I just picked up the Kora Galaxy 50 watt triode stereo block and matching Kora Eclipse pre amp. NOTHING even comes close in sound quality for the money. They are driving my Manger 103's (91db sensitivity) and considering the 2 - 10" Vifa woofers in each cabinet, the bass is full and tight!!

The pre amp even has a mute function that engages when you select different inputs from the REMOTE. The remote also turns the pre amp on. It has both balanced and singled outputs along with processor in/out jacks. It sounds excellent even with the Sovtek 6922's (3). I've ordered some NOS Siemens 6922/gold pin tubes that should take the sound to an even higher quality and last 4-5x as long.

I'll make a post after I install the Siemens tubes. The amp also uses the 6922's as pre-drivers to feed the EL84 driver tubes that drive the 6AS7G's.
I have the Galaxy and it very musical and sounds much better than it's price of $2500. It is a true audio bargain.Also I just got the Hermes Dac from Kora at $1500 and it is phenomenol. It looks like it should cost $3000-4000 and sounds like it. Putting in NOS tubes helped it sound better.