Chord 64 dac or Tube Tech 64 vs. kora hermes

Anyone heard either of the 64 bit dacs against the valve kora hermes dac? Im giving a last go to see if I can stay away from vinyl, and some people seem to be getting good results with these.
Hi, I just got the new Kora Hermes with the Auricaps and JenaLabs cryo'd wires three weeks ago. It's a really sweet piece. I still have my Bel Canto DAC 1.1 to compare it to, but I prefer the Kora in soundstaging, warmth, and overall realism. The Hermes is a very smooth and alluring DAC. However, I think a better comparison would be with the new Bel Canto DAC2 which comes out any week now.
This is going to be a great thread considering there is still talk of the SACD tech as a option for superior sound resolution. More importantly if the new 64 bit tech is a hit among the audiofellows i may be able to get rid of my NAD cdp and pick up on one of ya'lls "old model" 96 bit electrocompaniet or such at a great price! Lucky me.
Tweekerman. You may be adding a lovely Norwegian beauty to your harem of elegant French lovelies? Your room must be gorgeous.
I would compare The above DAC's to a $200+ Sony DVP-NS500V with Multi Channel and Stereo SACD.Spend a few hundred on the player and a thousand on SACD's.Best and cheapest upgrade to my system by far.SACD blows away my MFSL Gold CD's and 24bit cd's.Comparisions made on an all tube system including a Tube 24/96 is full of info on DAC's and reasons NOT to buy one.Sacd's are a giant step closer to vinyl.SACD In the Flesh by Roger Waters sounds far and away better than DVD of same title or the Redbook cd's of same.My .02
Jdlepera i've been advised GO SACD and GO A SUPERIOR 192 BIT. I'm very choosey on my classical cd performers, and with so few sacd'c available... And now with this new 64 bit tech throws a whole new twist. If you take a look at the thread Cary 306 vs. Electro. EMC1 R1b61 says he even perfers the 96 bit sound over the 192. The Cary has a 96/192 button that allows you to upsample if you wish. the EMC1 does not. My friend has a Cary 303/200 and on most cd's we can't tell difference when its 96 or 192. HawaiikiD as well agrees he prefers the tad bit warmer sound of the 96. He has a EMC1 which i assume is the MK1 96 model not the new MK11/192. Since the Kora Cosmos got the prize over the AR VTM200 i'm curious about this Hermes DAC. But i think its about $3K ,out my reach. My apologies Mr. Ebakrer2 for intruding on your thread for my selfish curiousity.
Tweekerman, the new Kora Hermes with the Auricaps and Jena Labs cryo'd internal wiring is $2600 retail. I thought I saw someone selling a new version with all the goodies for a little under $2000 on the 'Gon. You might want to take a look.