Kora Hermes VS Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MK1

I was wondering if any one has done A/B or had heard both of the Kora Hermes 24/132 Dac and the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MK1 24/96. I know we are talking two different leagues here, with one being tube and the other being solid state as well one being a one box and the other a dac, But I could sure use your help.
Type"O" Error.. Hermes 24/192
Hi Hifying. Interesting you bring this up, there was a thread a few months ago which contained posts addressing this very topic. An A'gon forum member is running the EMC-1 as a transport with the Hermes as the DAC. I hope this helps and good luck!

Thanks for the tip Gunbei, But I have emailed him and got no reply
Rats... Well, if it's any help, since I posted in that thread months ago I've experimented with different Siemens and Mullard tubes in my Hermes and find the Mullards to work much better in my room for my tastes. Smoother, fuller, a monstrous soundstage and light years ahead of the Bel Canto DAC 1.1 I once owned.

And if your tastes run different from mine, the Hermes offers you the option of trying different tubes. The gold pin Siemens CCas were very transparent and resolving. They just didn't work in my system.

I hope he answers your e-mail.
Thanks again Gunbei..I am useing the ecc88 Telefunken tubes in the Kora and this dac sounds out right damn good. I have made a comintment on a EMC-1 and I just dont want to let the seller down, but it would mean giving up the Kora. So on that note I am just wondering what I would be giving up in terms of sonic performance by going to the EMC-1
I may have been the one you are talkng about with regards to the EMC player being used as a transport with the Hermes tubed Dac but I did not receive an email so maybe I am not the one. The EMC is a great player but combined with the Hermes it brings redbook CD play to a supremely natural sounding level - in A/B comparisons with the EMC 's balanced output the combo beats it everytime and you really do not want to listen to the EMC alone. I changed the Hermes tubes from stock Philips to Telefunken Falcons and that made a difference to even a better level. The EMC as a transport is fantastic and I do a lot of recording so the no mechanical moving parts top loading helps to speed things up. My friend has the EMC with the upgrade to 24/192 but even that does not come close to the combo sound.
Hello Ligi, yes if you are the person that left a review on Audio Review, then you are the person I emailed from the site. Thank you for letting me know how the EMC-1 (in a stand alone player) compaires to the combo setup. Like I posted in a earler reply to this thread, I do not have the EMC-1 and was looking to replace the dac and go to a one box unit. Now it sounds as if I would be going backwards. Again thanks for your input
I have just purchased and then sold after two weeks the EMC-1 24/192. For my listening taste I really liked the Emc-1 in the stand-alone installation. I like the one box concept so well that I sold the EMC-1 24/192 to move to the Audio Aero, this eliminated the Hermes DAC and my Eclipse Preamp from the signal path. The cost of the Audio Aero is high, but considering that I no longer need the DAC, Preamp, or necessary cabling it is a bargin. I am keeping my old components just in case I change my mind.

This type of installation may not be right for everyone, but I am looking forward to trying it with a New Pair of Tenor Amps in the near future.

I must say that all the components you are trying are very good. I don't think you will disappointed no matter what you choose.

Good Listening