"Thumbs Up" to Kora Customer Service

After hearing myriad horror stories with respect to customer service lately, I thought I'd share a good experience.

I bought a Kora Eclipse preamp a few months ago as a demo, under warranty. Stellar performance in my system - excellent tonality, great soundstage and imaging. Unfortunately, though, there was a problem with the headphone section. I contacted the dealer who, in turn, contacted Kora. I expected a thousand questions, such as, "what did you do to it?", and so on, a two week shipment back to France, two or three weeks service time to fix the problem, and another two week shipment back to me in California. I was preparing myself for upwards of six weeks without a preamp.

Jeff Starrs at Kora contacted me, apologized for the problem, and offered to send me a completely new unit (to which they have recently incorporated improvements), including power supply, in exchange for mine. Further, the new unit was sent to me without charge and WITHOUT having to send my unit back first (they will now make arrangements to have my unit picked up for return!). As such, there was NO downtime without a preamp in my system (other than headphone capabilities).

So, if you are deciding on a preamp or amp and Kora is making your final list of cuts, consider this testimonial regarding customer service from someone who has no vested interest other than a desire to give a “heads-up” to other audiophiles. In addition, if you are looking for a dealer, please consider Joe at JCAudio (jcaudio.com). Joe is a straight shooter and will provide to you the all-important support, should it become necessary.
I have the Cosmos amps and the Eclipse Pre and love them. I too have had great service from Joe/JC and Jeff/Kora. Great product with great service and US representation.
Both are very fast with email, and you can call jeff just about any time.
My first Kora Hermes came to me miswired - Joe had it picked up and a new one to me in no time flat.
Bravo, Kora. I have been considering a new line stage. I did not previouslly consider Kora products. I will now put Kora on my short list to audition. Service like this means a lot to me.
Thank You Kora,

I have had some similar problems with the Kora Hermes and the Eclipse Pre-Amp. I must say the service and support from Kora has been explimpary.

Hats Off to Kora!!! for good products and Great Service. Service like this makes a good company "Great"!!!

Thanks Kora,
I have dealt with both the US distributor, and JC Audio and their customer service is nothing short of exemplary (and I cant say that about many people in audio)! Great gear, great prices, and great support. What else can I say?
Two sides to this coin.

1) Kora obviously stands behind their product and is highly concerned about customer service & satisfaction

2) Judging by the responses and the limited number of Kora products in circulation, it appears that Kora has a few problems with quality control and reliability.

Since side 1 of this coin appears to be the norm as to how they deal with side 2, it doesn't seem as if these set-backs are a big deal or too upsetting to customers or potential customers. As to trusting the customers and replacing their products no questions asked, all i can say is simply "Kudos to Kora". Sean
Sean, I will have to admit that I initially had thoughts similar to those that you post here, and your point is very well taken. On the other hand, I did a forum search for thread references to “Kora” both before and after I bought my Eclipse. I then queried, via e-mail, quite a number of those who indicated their ownership of Kora products within these threads. Of those responding to my queries (about 30), all but 2 indicated that their products had been trouble-free. Of the two I mention, both said that their problems were “minor” in nature and that Kora and/or the dealer went above and beyond the call in addressing their issues. If the same percentage held throughout all owners, the “problem-rate” would be just under 7%, and reflect ALL products in the line. Not sure how this would stack up against manufacturers of other products. But, if the problems are minor, AND they are addressed quickly and painlessly, this seems to be less an issue than one might perceive (and as you correctly state). A product that has a 2% “problem-rate”, and whose manufacturer deals with customers in the fashion with which many of us are accustomed, would clearly have a higher rate of dissatisfaction. I’d wager that a few will weigh in on this thread to stay that their Koras have performed just fine (or, silence may, indeed, be golden). I hasten to add that I wouldn’t dream of starting a “give us your manufacturer’s horror stories” thread, but I have an idea that many of those so mentioned would have a similar, or worse, record than Kora.

All that being said, I would not have trepidations in buying a Kora product with regard to product reliability or quality. One, you know if something DOES go wrong, it will be addressed and, two, the musicality of their products is far and above what their price tag would lend one to believe. I think the Eclipse is one of the best bargains for the money in the preamp arena and I have been told that the Cosmos amp is right up there with the best of the “giant killers”.

I might add that I received my replacement Eclipse just yesterday. This Eclipse is the newer version that has had improvements over the one I owned. Even out of the box, with stock tubes, and stock “feet” the performance is stunning. Wide, deep soundstage, and a richness of sound that is just so damn involving (the reason I listen to music!). “Autumn Leaves” by Miles Davis never sounded this good to me and “It Never Entered My Mind” almost brought tears to my eyes. ;-)