Klyne 7PX question

Hi there, can anyone fax or email the dip switch settings on a Klyne 7PX 3.4 ( or 3.5 ). I have tried to contact Klyne but am not having much luck, thanks.
Hi Dover, ask Syntax or Solong. Both are VERY familiar with the Klyne and do have all dip (gain etc.) settings - including the one (highest gain possible) which is NOT featured in the manual.
I own a used Klyne PX-3.5 phono pre-amp, and do not have the owners manual. I want to install a Shelter 501 II Cartrdige on my VPI Classic Turntable, and would like to know where to set the internal switches on the Klyne. I cannot find any owners manual on the 'net', and was wondering if anyone out there has a scanned copy of one? Or recommendations on the settings? Thanks in advance.
I advice asking the question over at vinylasylum and also use their search function. I used to own a Klyne myself and picked up info at that site. If you emailed me a pic of those internal dip switches, it may trigger my memory.
Thanks everyone, a fellow audiogon member has kindly scanned and emailed me the manual.
I just bought a used Klyne 7px too, and was looking for the same info. Whoever emailed the owners manual to Dover, could you email me a copy too?