Low tech question: Sanyo Plus Series C55 pre amp

Not being much of an audiophile, I have acquired an older Sanyo Plus Series C55 pre amp. I am on a beer budget and I plan on running it with a Hafler 220DH that I have purchased. Speakers will be ADS L710 when I get them out of shop for refoaming. Is C55 junk, worth keeping, etc. Hafler not here yet. I can purchase a Hafler 110 pre amp. Would it be significant improvement? Any thoughts appreciated.
If Sanyo ever had a presence in the US coast, was a brief one. It makes a series of electronics products, most of them are for other markets like Europe, South America, Asia etc...It does not mean that is a bad brand, simply it does not have presence here. I have not heard about the preamp you are talking about, but when I was growing up in South America, they used to offer very interesting mini system and the like, I can recall that they looked innovative, soundwise, in comparison with what I have now, I doubt it was that good. It will suffice with your budget. If you are scrounging so much to get a decent sound preamp, the Sanyo will do, for now. I doubt that other sub $500 preamp are much better, although I do have a Sumo Athena MKI, vintage 1989, that is worth $200 in the used market and it sound awesome, eventhough I have another preamp that goes for about $1500, used. Keep it and save some money until you can get something worthwhile.

Sanyo's "Plus" series was indeed pretty short-lived here, available for a couple of years in the early 80's. I used to own this preamp, as well as the matching tuner and power amp. The power amp was, IMO, the star of the show, but I liked the preamp (especially its versatile filters and tone controls), and it sounded quite good compared to other modestly-priced preamps available at the time. I'd definitely hang on to it in preference to the Hafler 110.