cartridge question

Can anyone compare the ART 9 to the LPS
Hi stringreen,

both cartridges offer a great resolution. The dynamics are not bad
as well  ;-)

The Audio Technica ART 9 is definitively on the neutral side whereas
the Benz LPS is significantly warmer.

In the end it is a matter of personal taste which one you prefer and
which one fits best to the rest of your system.

If I only had the choice of these two I would go for the Benz.
yes....although I haven't heard the Art9, I know the LPS, and like it a lot....just its getting long in the tooothe
have both. some would say the ART is a bit more extended, with the benz being on the warmer side, but also need to watch the loading. If lightly loaded the ART can seem thin and extended. with proper loading a great cart. would have to say the ART is a better tracker..and would agree with orig poster on lps getting a tad long in the tooth.
@stringreen , have you considered sending the Benz in to Peter for a rebuild / new stylus? If you still like the sound the SS should be able to - if anything - take it up a notch. If looking for something a little different, then I can't help in this area. Haven't heard the ART-9.
Dear @stringreen   : You Ortofon cartridge is better that both you ask for. If you want something different then you can go for My Sonic Labs cartridges.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
@stringreen  Here's a thought: perhaps we could work out an exchange of my ART9 for your Benz LP-S? That way you could directly compare the ART9 with your Benz and your Ortofon, and I'd get to hear the LP-S, a cartridge I've been curious about for a while. I suppose it depends on just how "long" the "tooth" has gotten on your Benz. My ART 9 is in great shape, with moderate use on only US-cleaned records on a VPI turntable. Maybe about 250 hours max. Feel free to PM me here at A'gon if that seems interesting.  
OMG what an interesting world we live in
online Walmart appears to sell the Art9