Kinergetics KCD 40

I bought a Kinergetics KCD 40 CD player at a thrift store, of all places. Sounds quite nice, effortless and spacious with my ancient Ohm Walsh speakers. The cd tray has to be manually pushed in rather than toggled in, but that is the only thing I can find wrong. I was curious about the lack of a power switch. Is it designed to stay powered up all the time?
Yes. Absoutely,leave it on 24/7. A very good CD player. A common problem - the CD drawer - needs a minor service. Any good repairman can do it. By the way, many years ago, it was a highly recommended player. Enjoy it!
I second the leave it on 24/7. Many solid state manufacturers don't put power switches on their products because they know it will sound better powered up 24/7.
Thanks, I do really enjoy it. I've moved my old Rotel CD to my home office.