Where to find Kinergetics SW800 for sale

Does anyone know where to find a set of these subs, used? I have a pair of CLS (originals) on the way, and am investigating subwoofer choices. Any info/leads/advice appreciated. I've looked on Audiogon, Ebay, and the other usual sorts of places...

Sawyer, these are tough to find. I've just recently found a pair for my original-gen CLS'. I had an offer on another pair that I passed on. I'll try to track down that seller's info and pass it on to you offline. As I recall, he didn't have the Kinergetics crossover but someone else recently offered me a x-over. Good luck.
hi Jim -

your post is what inspired me to look into these. Let me know how yours work out - I too have an original pair of CLS coming that should be here any day. I have some home-built subs (NHT 1259 drivers) which are not half bad, but am curious if there is something better. Thought too of building my own versions (stack about 4 12" subs per side) but haven't gotten that far yet. any info you can find and pass along would be great.

For a crossover at the moment I am planning on the Paradigm X30 I have (maybe run CLS full range), but am also considering a Marchand XM9 or XM16 too. They are available with balanced in/outs, which appeals to me (my amps and preamp/DAC can all do balanced...)

-Ed Sawyer
hi ed,

go to vmps' www & check out their subwoofer info. i have a pair of their larger subs, & am wery impressed w/the tight, textured deep bass these tings are capable of - especially at the price.

i also use the deluxe wersion of the marchand xm-9 - highly recommended. wery flexible - i'd be surprised if ewe couldn't match quality subs to the cls' w/these.

regards, doug