Kinergetics Chiro 500 or Parasound Halo A52

I have a aquired a kinergetics Chiro 500 (5-channel amp) froma coworker. He got this amp brand and only used it for 6 months. It has been sitting ina box in his media room for the past 6 years. He needed room so he sold it to me. My question is about the map and thr quality of the amp compared to my Parasound Halo A52. I am kind of familiar with kinergetics and the fact that they have been out of business for 3 years now but know nothign about the products. Is this a good amp? It is in perfect condition (original box)and my coworker thinks the amp probably hasnt been used for 100 hours in its life. I dont need two 5 channel amps so wanted to find out which I should keep. I currently have an anthem AVM 30, dyanudio audience speakers, halo a52 system. Should I keep the halo or the kinergetics? What is the history of the kinergetcs chiro 500(build quality and internals)? Your help is appreciated.
Prices on Kinergetics is falling fast, the Halo ain't no slouch, so ---- only your ears can tell. Get the amp since it's a freind and make the decision based on your own ear based data.