Any Kinergetics SW800 Owners???

I just purchased a pair of SW800 subs and would appreciate any input with regards to system setup, placement, or any other handy tips anyone might have. I have them up and running, and they sound pretty good, but I'm sure there are some experienced users out there that can help me zero them in more quickly.
I have a pair of these and they have served me well through B+Ws, Wilson and now Revel speakers. The very flexible external x-over can dial in your bass needs to match room and speakers. But, it may take weeks of trial and error for you to achieve a seamless blend. I've done the tower "dance" too often to number.
The SW800 were designed to give the Martin Logan CLS an extra octave of lower frequencies, so they had to perform without destroying the delicate nature of the panel speaker.These were made for music, not home theater.The cone excursion is less than an inch, and even though there are 5 ten inch drivers a side, they may shake, rattle and blow with your typical DVD. This can mostly be alleviated with corner placement (there goes the music) and at least 300 watts a channel.

For best results:
1) get stands, the supplied cones are worthless
2) lots of power
3) run your main speakers without going through the x-over. The x-
over hardens the sound.
4) 60 or 80htz is as high up as you want your subs to go
5) down position the low pass filter toggle switch to the 18/octave
"Butterworth" filter. This works best with large speakers.
6) don't skimp on cables

This is what works for me. My room is 20x30ft, so the Kinergetics have their work cut out for them. In their 10 years of service, there hasn't been one problem (no Nudell foam rot). Their height alone makes for an incredible soundstage. I don't know your room or system, but these few suggestions should be helpful.

Congrats on your purchase!
Cross them over as low as possible and lay them down sideways i.e. forget about using them as towers. This will eat up a LOT more real estate in the room, but it will provide better response as a subwoofer. You might want to experiment with placing them directly on the floor, using cones, platforms, etc... Sean
How do you use XLR cables with the crossover? I tried them and it wouldn't work. I had to use RCA cables. Are there switches inside that need to be moved? Thanks Carl
Does anyone know of a pair for sale? I am looking for a pair in any finish. Please let me know.
i recently bought a pair sw 800 used didnt get amanual tryin to findout howmuch power they can handle gotta marantz mm9340 that will brigde to 800 watts at 8 ohms to much power or a good fit ?
that will work just fine. you really don't need a lot of power for long as you are not listening to rap music. Hahaha for fill in you will be just fine.

Where did you find your pair?
ebay few months back been tryin to build a ht and still tryin to find specs on these bad boys
what kind of specs do you need? My father owns a pair and has the owners manual.

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I have a pair of SW-800 Towers in black oak finish with the Crossover for sale if anyone is interested. Manual included. I am new to selling on Videogon but have been buying and selling on eBay as Videokondriac and Audiokondriac. I am the original owner. I just listed them today. I am a little flexible.
What is the nominal impedence for the array and what are the power handling specs? Thanks
I have a set, don't know how to hook them up....if I set up and amp, do I then send the rcas to the xover, and then to the pre processor subwoofer connection? any help would be great....just don't quite know what to do.
just trying to add the subs to an existing hooked up system.