Kimber Select IC's

Of the Select series IC's, from copper, to hybrid copper/silver to silver, what differ them apart?
I heard they are pretty forward sounding and might be a flaw in a system very forward and vivid?
I look to get more authority/ body in the mid and a smoother top end. i use a class D amp and a ribbon speaker. A IC that puts soundstage more forward and pretty much throw the music against me would be wrong. I have heard MIT might be what i look for, but they are so expensive and it seems, there are quite often new versions out. I use Signalcable Silver Ref now. System is fully balanced (xlr).
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Judging from your remarks, I'd give the 1026's a whirl. The copper-silver hybrid wasn't forward in my system; the copper gave it some weight and the silver gave it some accuracy without being bright ( gear and my ear, your mileage may vary, etc.)

The 1036's are what I'm working with now, and they've provided more of everything (also without sounding bright or forward).

They're now my reference cables and I'm using them throughout my setup.
What differ the 36 compared to the 30 (silver), the 26 compaired 21s (hybrid) and all copper?
I'd have the 11 series, mine is balanced, you run single ended i guess? A friend of mine ran the 1130 in his system (for a demo), he uses Transparent Ref. It was between cdp and preamp. He didn't like it. He claimed it was forward and bright. In the end he told me it was strident and not better at any point than Transparent Ref. I have only used up to Ultra with Transparent. I had an Ultra xlr a few years ago. My Signalcable Silver Ref, costing very little in compairson, was better. I ran them for a few months, but it was in my system. I have to do a trial and error. I would like a more relaxed nature in my system, more body and mid breast tone. No frequencies peaking. I want control, every little nuance coming forth from a silent background with no hard tendencies. No bloat or boom bass or midbass.
I'd suggest trying a Discovery Signature. A very underrated cable, IMO. Give Joe DePhillips a call.
The silver have a harsh, shrill sound while the copper have a veiled, slightly muffled sound.
might also want to contact Grover Huffman and see if he can help with his new Sx line, plus he's cost effective. I have Apogee Slant 6s that are tied wuth Grover's speaker cables (that are silver) have never had a complaint with them and they provide great imaging for me, just waiting for my Sx balanced Ics to use with them now as well. But this is my subjective opinion too.
Someone told you falascious info. The selects are neither hard, or forward. they are, quick, transparent, dynamic, and resolving, with a Mid-hallfocus I use the 1136 balanced, and KCAG
As Baggs stated; The higher in the Kimber lineup, the more transparent/resolving the cable. I've worked my way up through their line and have been using the balanced 1130's(out of my BAT VK-D5) for the past 5 years. The more transparent a cable, the more revealing it will be of other flaws(or strengths) in a system.
I'm using KS1036 and KS1136. Both very smooth, relaxed sounding. I would nor feared a bright,harsh sound with them. I have used several copper cables much more agresive than my KS. I think cable implementation is more important than the material it is made of.
hey guys what were you smoking? :) KCAG is more "silvery", resolving, detailed, etc. sometimes can be little bit edgy.. but SELECT line is different game, 1030s opens up details while being totally silky smooth. It is no way possible of harshness to entry this cable..unless its not broken in yet.