kimber select 1021 w/ 1011or harm tech prosilwyII

HI-using pass aleph 1.2 amp to pass x2 ptreamp balanced---w/ B&W 802seriii[metal tweeter can be troublesome]. i want details and spacial info, but i must have natural timber
for acoustic jazz, chamber to large scale classical music.

I am looking for
for 3meters of xlr bliss and could use suggestions.
my sony sacd 777es goes to the pre-amp via kimber select 1021[silver&coperw/ custom rca to xlr connections] i have prosilwayII on home demo between the pre-amp and amp 3+meters balanced
PROSILWAY is great on 50% of my cd's. 50% it is too bleached-out: piano's are tinkling and do not sound real--piano sonata's and MOnk Alone are not listenable.
WOULD all cooper kimber select or acoustic zen matrix work well? suggestions? my buget is $500max for 3mters xlr used
Look for a used pair of TG Audio HSRs interconnects. They don't look like a million bucks, but the have an extremely natural presentation, get the vocals right and provide a very dark background. You'll find piano's never sounded so good (of course that's if the rest of your components are up to par and the recording is good :)).
Hi Bob: The Kimber SELECT series is excellent, particularly the 21 and 30 series IC. I don't know how long you have had your 1021's, but from my experience 1,000+ hours are needed on these IC's before they settle in --particularly with the KS 10/1130. Some say even three months of playing time! A cable-burner/cooker speeds up this break-in time considerably. A fully "settled" KS-21 or 30 series IC appears to offer everything; tonal richness/realism, transparancy, focus staging etc, you name it, they got it. So long as your equipment is up to par, they'll sound great. The 10/11-11 all copper interconnect is also very good just not up to the ultimate transparancy, staging, bass resolution and life-likeness of the higher series. In no way does the 21 or 30 series sound brighter than the copper --just way more revealing and lifelike, so long as they are fully burned-in/settled. You can't go wrong with any of the SELECT series IC. The 21 and 30 series are simply one of the best I've heard.

peter jasz
HELP_i'm the original poster on this topic running pass amps& sony sacd777es via select 1021. i tried connecting my pre to amp w/ Harm Tech prosillwayII xlr.
the pro-sil was just too bright on too many discs.
SHOULD THE SELECT 1021 cause a simular reaction? Am i better off w/ select 1111. my speakers are b&w 802 serIII-which has a bright metal tweeter.
HELP/comments based upon your exp.
THANKS____BOB anyone know of a dealer w/ used or demo select
??????????? i'm in miami, fl 33133
I own a pass labs x-2, x-250, thiel 2.3, sony scd-1. HT Pro silway II's, Pro-9's. Perfect Match for my system. You may want to try the Truthlink with a Pro- silway II as well. More copper

best of luck :)