Kimber KS-1130 or KS-1126

I need a 5m long balanced cable from my pre to the monoblocks. I have narrowed my selection to the 2 Kimber Selects. (I couldn't afford the KS-1136). Can anyone advise me which to get and their differences? I read that the KS-1126 is very close to the performance of KS-1136 so does that mean it is on-par with the KS-1130?

Advice please. Thanks in advance.
I use a 7 meter Hero balanced between my pre and amp.
I could/would not afford those higher cost Kimber.
I am happy with my Hero.
It took a week to break in, and was horrible for the first hour or so... (almost took it back)
I have owned all of these cables and still use the KS-1130 and KS-1136. That said, I have always thought the KS-1126 to be the "sweet spot" in the Kimber lineup and I think it would work very well as a 5m run between your preamp and monos.

I actually preferred the KS-1126 to the KS-1130 between my preamp and amp but preferred the KS-1130 between source components and the preamp. I feel the KS-1126 has a bit more weight and body while the KS-1130 is somewhat more delicate and nuanced.

The difference between KS-1126 and KS-1136 is apparent but not dramatic and they are more clearly cut from the same cloth than KS-1130, but that is no detraction of it.
Looks like I might just get the KS1126 but really my concern will be a forward in your face kind of presentation. I read from this forum that the extra conductors on the new Select line is more preferred for a pre/power connection. At this stage, I like my 1m kS1130 between my pre/power but over 5m? That is the question.
I agree with Khrys and use the 1126 between the amp and pre while the sources get 1036 & 1136. Speaker cable is the hybrid 3035. Musical bliss.

I have been using KS 1130 from source to preamp and Silver Streak from preamp to power amp for several years now.
I recently upgraded to KS 1126 for pre to power amp....Wow!
I would say the KS 1126 is indeed comparable in performance to the KS 1130.
Nothing about the KS 1126 is forward in presentation - more detail, yet more refinement and very, very musical.

Happy listening!
J. :)
@jon2020 as he was asking this over 5 years ago I suspect he made his decision already. :-)

You are quite likely right. Just in case, he hasn’t decided....

It took me 5 years after reading this thread to finally pull the trigger for the 1126. :)

ha well awesome jon glad you got the cables you wanted!