Suggestions on life after Kimber 8PR

Hello everyone!
Right now I'm using the Kimber 8PR cable for my speakers and it's time to upgrade to some others more fancier cables. Which would you suggest? I've recently tryed the Acrolink 7N-S1400III, it's ok on the bass/mid section but it totally lacks the resolution and air of Kimber on the Mids/Highs terminals of my speakers. Somebody have pointed me towards the XLO Ref older series or Kimber 12TC, what do you think? I love air of my Kimber and would'n like to loose it. What I would add is much bigger stage and more refinement to the sound. Maybe not that bright.

My system:
Benchmark DAC1 Pre (Hi-Fi Tuning Fuses, AudioQuest Diamond USB, VHAudio Airsine)
McIntosh MA2275 (Hi-Fi Tuning Fuses, XLO Ref 1.1 RCA, VHAudio Flavour 4, PSVANE 12AX/AT7, Shuguang 50 years Treasure KT-88)
Klipsch RF-7II

Thank you all for your suggestions.
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