Kimber Kable 8tc V.S. 12tc

I have read all the great reviews in TAS and stereophile about the 8tc speaker cables. They are always a recommended product.I can get the 12tc for $60 more.Is it worth it ? I will be buying these without demoing .And they are not listed in the mags . Anyone heard both ?
The 12TC is relatively new, and since folks generally know 8TC is a classic, not much review effort goes to 12TC.
If i were buying new speaker cable now, yeah i would buy the 12TC FWIW. I own several runs of 8TC and use it for double runs to my Magnepan 3.6 and for the front three channels of my home theater setup.
The 8TC is a great cable. It has been in the lists of the cable to buy for many years and for good reason.
It is a great cable. There are other great cables, but you really can't go wrong with Kimber.
I just spoke to Kimber about this very subject. I was told unless a person has speakers with large woofers which need the control that heavy gauge speaker cable brings to bass frequencies, the two will sound the same.
I've run Kimber 8TC for about 20 years and, on a lark at the beginning of the year bought some Mogami 3103 to experiment with. It can be purchased for about $2.50 ft. and I had it terminated with high quality Vampire copper based spades. The 8TC was terminated with Kimber Postmaster spades and I always had my doubts about them sonically, although I think the physical design is quite good.

In any event, I ended up selling the 8TC and pocketing about $175 overall. The Mogami sounded more natural overall, less hi-fi, the 8TC exhibiting a bit of "glare" and edge by comparison, although some might argue it had the upper hand in terms of "air" and imaging.

The Mogami is very good and a bargain.

Both sets of cables were cryoed and burned in on a Nordost cable cooker.
A PS: the Kimber Postmaster spades are not really very good IMO. They do not make a good contact, cannot be tighted down much without ruining them, and the rubber insert gets messed up really easily.
I would use WBT spades or some other 'normal' spade for the 8TC.
i had Postmaster, and took them off. The WBT are expensive, but can be reused over and over as they lock onto a pressed clip that by itself cost $2 each.
I never really had a problem with the physical design of the Postmasters. My concern was more that the rhodium plating or "kimber ultraplate" that they use on them was contributing in a negative way to sound quality and possibly responsible for the slight edge and glare that I experienced. I thought they actually made very good contact, at least in my system, and I'm not a fan of overtightening any connections. I used them for 20 years with no problems.

My only experience with WBT connectors is with their locking RCA's and I was not a fan of those either. In RCA's my preference would be for the higher quality Vampires followed by Eichmann Bullet Plugs, although the latter is a bit of a finicky product.
I have used Rhodium plating on Loudspeaker terminals as well as power cord plugs, I would much rather used Gold plating,the Rhodium tilts up
The frequency and has a bit of glare or edge IMO. The Silver,or Gold
WBT next gen ,or other WBT model is far better in every way then Kimbers post master connections.